So you are planning to redesign or redecorate your bathroom.

That’s great!

But it can’t be denied that it is a daunting process.

Many homeowners get easily confused as their mind is saturated with hundreds of ideas routing from the Internet or friends’ suggestions.

But getting your bathroom remodeled shouldn’t be that challenging.

You need to focus on the appearance and functionality.

There are some basic yet important things to consider during the bathroom renovation, no matter which design or layout you’ve chosen. These basic things will keep the process right to help you create a beautiful and convenient bathroom.

Plan Your Bathroom Layout:

Unnecessary changes to your bathroom layout can raise the expenses. The fewer changes you make, the lower your plumbing costs would be. Make sure to show your design to the electrician, handyman and other concerned experts. It will help you remove the issues that may affect their part of the project. Keep the design simple in your bathroom renovation and avoid non-essential details or ornamentation. The simpler the design, the more money you will save during the renovation.

Ponder Over the Cost:

Make sure to set the right budget and stick to it (although some flexibility can be taken) throughout the process.

So how much money you will have to fork out on the bathroom remodeling?

Well, it depends on the scope of a project as well as the standard of fittings.

On average, a complete bathroom renovation would cost around $5964. If you are just looking for cosmetic changes or touch up, it might cost up to $ 1,000. If you have more to spend, you can consider adding tiles, a bigger shower or a chic window. Again, it is determined by your budget.

Take Your Plumbing Seriously:

Residential plumbing generally installs 1½-inch pipes for drains. However, you should think about how much mess or hair goes down that drain. Make sure to opt for the large draining as it is less likely to clog. Go for at least 2 inches draining for your shower.

Light it Right:

Proper lighting will not only accentuate your bathroom but also add to its functionality. First of all, choose the right ceiling and vanity light.

The vanity area can be equipped with some good task lighting to be fixed above the mirror or sconces on either side. The shower and tub area are also required to be lighted. Ambient lighting is also popular among homeowners.

And don’t forget the natural light. Get more windows and skylight installed in your bathroom.

Think About Storage:

Your new bathroom should have appropriate storage for your personal care products, folded towels, and candles. You can go for bathroom vanity or wall cabinet to store your daily use items. Or you can bring in free-standing cabinets and shelves.

Ponder Over the Floor:

The bathroom floor takes the most beating of foot traffic and water. Whereas tiles are an obvious choice for bathroom floors, timber floors add sophistication and softness to your bathroom’s appearance. You can install mosaic tiles in your bathroom for color and textured look of the shower.

Last But Not Least—Ventilation Does Matter

Proper ventilation prevents excess moistures that lead to the damp spots, condensation on windows and mirrors and the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, install a vent fan to get rid of all these moisture-related issues. A heat and ventilation light also comes handy to warm your bathroom in winters.

So these are the things you should keep in mind while remodeling your bathroomGo ahead and call a professional bathroom remodeler to get the job done.