As homeowners we are always trying to find the best interior design advice to make our properties as attractive as possible. Whether you have a modern home or an older property it is essential that you maintain the appearance of your space, so it keeps its’ great looks and feels. In this article we will take you through 10 ways to improve the appearance of your home interior. From cost-effective methods such as painting internal doors to adding artwork and updating your light fixtures, sit back and take on these methods to enhance your home.

Paint rooms in neutral colours

A fresh coat of paint can transform the whole look of any room, offering an inexpensive method of updating your interior design. Neutral colours are excellent at bringing rooms to life while also keeping it simple and effective. These colours are also convenient in increasing the appeal of your property, as they are not too vibrant or in your face when it comes to the time of selling your home. A great feature of soft and light colours is that they can add light to your home, which can also make your rooms appear larger, whereas if you opt for darker colours your home will appear smaller. So, if your rooms are starting to look tired, try adding a new colour today to enhance the appearance of your interior.

Update your light fixtures

Light fixtures can make a great difference to the appearance of your home. If you have old fashioned lighting this can make your rooms look dated which will have an impact on how the rest of the room appears. We highly recommend updating your fixtures to make your room look more modern and up to date. This can be done by purchasing new lights and having them fitted by an electrician or if you are looking for a more inexpensive method, you can try fitting your new lights yourself. This is another great low-cost way of transforming the interior of your property, so if your rooms are looking worn try adding new lighting today.

Paint your internal doors for a fresh update

Another low-cost change you can make to your home is painting your internal doors. You may get tired or bored of the current colour of your doors, so by adding a new colour to your internal doors they can appear brand new. As your interior doors are used a lot daily, they can become marked and faded which can hamper the appearance of your home. By applying a new coat of paint, you can bring your doors back to life and once again increase the appeal of your interior design. As you will need only low-cost items to do this, it is a very cost-effective solution to improve the appearance of your home interior.

Go greener with plants in your home

If you are looking for a low-cost way of accessorising your home, adding plants to your interior is the way to go. Plants will add great colour and texture to your property with their elegant looks and will also help to clean the air and control humidity around your rooms. By introducing house plants, you can keep your home healthy as they absorb pollutants and remove harmful gases from the air, which will make your rooms feel more alive. Try this now by adding a plant or two to your property to see how they can elevate the appearance of your interior design.

Add rugs to hardwood floors

Although hardwood floors are easy to maintain, in colder months they lack the comfort that you will find with carpeted floors. The best method to solve this problem without replacing your flooring is to add area rugs to your floor space. This will make your home feel more warming, improving your textures and colour while adding personality to your room. There are many different designs and fabrics when it comes to area rugs so you will have a wide variety of options to find the best rug to fit your home. You could add different textures in the same colour or several rugs of the same fabric, as this interior design method gives you a chance to add your personal touch and style to your property.

Switch up your throw pillows

Another simple home décor idea is replacing the throw pillows in your living room. Updating your pillows and cushions is an easy way to accessorise your living room. By adding new pillows or updating pillow covers you can change the appearance of your room. One thing to note when purchasing new throw pillows is that more is not always better as you don’t want to go overboard and crowd out your sofas. We recommend mixing and matching colours and textures by adding a personal touch to the interior design of your living room. Switch out your old throw pillows now to see how this could enhance the appearance of your home.

Add some art to your walls

Adding art to the walls of your living room can have a great impact on the look of your home. From photos of your family to contemporary art, framed works add a personal touch and make your house feel more homely. If you are feeling creative, you could make this method even cheaper by designing your own artwork in the form of canvases to add to your living room. If you are not feeling the creative side, there are many stores out there selling affordable designs that would look amazing in any room. So, add some art to your home and see how this can transform the interior design of your property.

Put function above form

When going through your interior design it is essential that you put function above form. If you are looking for new sofas or tables, you need to ensure that they built for purpose to function in your home. With that being said durable does not have to be drab with many new furniture being designed to withstand wear and tear. You could also use covers on your furniture to further protect them if they are going to be used heavily. This will ensure that your furniture keeps its appealing looks while also being protected from any damage like marks and stains.

Replace old and redundant items

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference, so even with bathroom and kitchen items such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, you should ensure they fit with your style. If you have plastic soap bottles and toothbrush holders lying around this can hamper the appearance of your bathroom. To counter this, you should consider pouring your soap into a hand soap dispenser that matches or complements the style of your bathroom. This will add a more luxury feel to your bathroom and improve the interior design of the room. So, if you have old and resistant items negatively affecting the appearance of your home, you should consider upgrading them today.

Keep your home clean and tidy

One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your home interior is to keep your home clean and tidy. This is very basic and simple, however having a well maintained property will work wonders for how your home appears. Ensuring your home is clutter-free will not cost you anything, but it will make your home stay more attractive along with your space becoming brighter and feeling lighter. So, if your rooms have become a dust haven or you haven’t cleaned your floors lately, give your home the love it deserves with a weekly clean to keep your interior design alive.

Now we have taken you through 10 ways to improve the appearance of your home interior it is now over to you to execute these interior design ideas. Use our methods today to see how you can bring your home back to life.