Bathrooms need to be both aesthetic and functional. They also need to be useful in everyday scenarios as well as when you want to indulge in some luxury.

When it comes to special attention spaces and areas within your home, the bathroom is right up there with the kitchen. This means that the bathroom space is one of the most important spaces in your house.

All of us have at some point in time, looked at innumerable Pinterest bathroom design ideas and wished how we could apply the same to our own bathroom.

However, designing, renovating, or going for a makeover of your bathroom is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, according to many experts, it is quite daunting!

In this article, we are going to help you with some challenges, tips and best practices to help plan your bathroom renovation in the best possible manner.

Challenges in undertaking a Bathroom Remodeling Project

  1. The Budget-

One of the first major challenges you are likely to encounter is deciding on the price. In most instances, our design, the fittings and the designer we would want to work with fall beyond our price bracket. This is why many of the bathroom renovation projects seem an after-thought. Fixing the budget is the first step towards a successful renovation.

  1. The Design Selection-

Bathroom renovations are so expensive and close to our hearts that we do not seem to decide upon a particular design. Experts point out that the design should be a blend of form and functionality. Ideally, you should avoid the so-called ‘trending’ designs for they seem to go out of fashion as soon as they come.

  1. The Home Décor Specialist Selection-

Finding the right contractors, designers, décor experts can always be challenging. Work credentials, budgets and the connection with what you are imagining can act as hindrances to the entire project. You want to work with someone who understands your requirements, that too under a budget.

Top Tips to help you plan the Best Bathroom Remodeling ever

It is essential that you look at the bathroom as a clean canvas and start imagining the spaces. This includes the placements, the fittings, the paint scheme and the other knick-knacks.

If your designer can show you a rendering of the design, you should definitely check it out. This will allow you to focus on the final visualization.

It is important that you do not change the references on an ongoing project. This throws the project out of gear and confuses not only you but also the team working on the bathroom renovation.

Careful planning not only helps avoid such scenarios from taking place but also helps in maintaining overall composure and peace of mind.

Paying attention to the materials, which you are going to use in the bathroom, is also critical towards aesthetics and functionality.

For example, you would not want the bathroom floor to be slippery and hence avoid such materials. You would also not want sharp edges or jagged cuts (even though they might look attractive), as they can injure someone.

Elements that should be a part of the Remodeling Project

Many home décor experts feel that people should not be too conservative about spending on fittings. They point out how Houston residents looking to remodel their bathroom prioritize fittings, technology and greenery in their remodeling project.

  • Using Smart Devices in the Bathroom-

At a time when all aspects of our home are operated by smart devices, your bathroom too should benefit from the same. This is going to not only be a feature in itself but also allow you to use technology for your advantage.

  • Having Plants and adequate Sunlight-

A green bathroom, which has some plants at different corners helps lend beauty as well as function to space. In addition, you should look at proper ventilation and adequate natural light to flow into the bathroom to keep it fresh and cheerful.

  • Enjoying the Best Bathroom Fittings-

At the end of the day, while others might just ‘look’ at the bathroom, you are going to be the one using it. This is why it is important to select the right fittings for your bathroom. Check for the warranty and functionality, as well as the power requirements of the fittings.

The Final Word

If you look at the contents of the article, you will be able to identify the areas, which you would need to focus on. If you want to know more about bathroom remodeling tips, kindly write into us in the comments section below.