You’ve got a new home, well it’s always a great feeling. But what if you’ve got too many blank walls and you are not a furniture person.

Are you confused about how to deal with them?

If you’re lucky enough to enter two stories in your home or other large space, you’ll probably enjoy ample space while serving guests.

However, you also need to spread out the amount of wallpaper. What do you hang in the two guilt footer?

The extensive artwork of the wall looks fantastic but it can be a little pricey too.

Similarly, you already have a great idea to enhance some cool art prints, but custom design for these prints may be prohibited at cost.

Let’s start with one I’m sure you never thought of.

Shower wall curtain

Did you know that a beautiful shower curtain with a large pattern, for example, could serve as a massive art in a two-story footer? It is true! If you carefully remove it from the top you will usually find it hanging on the curtain, you can show this large piece of art and entertainment piece that is a wall hanger on your wall.

Remember to avoid curtains that revisit patterns because they will look like bed sheets on the wall instead of unexpected art.

Wall Rug or hangings

Have you ever thought about hanging rugs on a wall, as opposed to ordinary art? Carpets in graphic patterns make a bold statement in a staircase or behind a bed/sofa in your home. But don’t stop there; consider hanging a woven throw blanket to add warmth, texture and interest.

This works perfectly with an intricate, vintage-looking design, for example, as it is woven and fits beautifully with the collective decor of this room.

Chic Look

Architectural salvage items, for example, old wooden windows, doors, and shutters will also work for a chic look – But if you are unable to find authentic pieces, a form of dormitories will work too.

I would recommend sticking them to white paint for any dark iron look, as other colors or metallic paints may stand out a bit.


Instead of using gigantic wall paintings in the traditional way, which can seriously upset the money and time-consuming process, hang wallpaper rolls as wall art. It has been observed that DIY curtain rods of curtains, random rolls of wallpaper carry a lot of property and make a bold statement, especially when it is so hungry.

To sum it up, depending on the height of your walls, just one or two pieces of wallpaper or might be even larger can do the trick. And Bang! That’s it

So its Instead many people have the option to remove it from the gallery wall. Many people love hanging small, baseless frames are firmly together as a group to make it look stunning and unique. You might find the best deals on frames, at online stores and leave these tricks to them to hang on the wallpapers to avoid headaches.