Spending more time indoors over the winter months can trigger a lot of people into making plans for their next refurb project. And let’s face it, many of us are going to have a lot more time on our hands than usual this winter to indulge our big vision.

Plus, the approaching end of year is a good time to look forward and start wondering what the next big trends in interior decor are going to be. After all, who wants to put all that effort into a revamp only to end up with an already dated look?

We asked bathroom specialists Aston Matthews to highlight some of the hottest trends to watch out for if you’re plotting a designer bathroom makeover in 2021.

Not so mono-chrome

Chrome has had a monopoly on metallic fixtures and fittings for the bathroom for years now. A little like magnolia paint, chrome taps have become the default in bathroom design because they are utilitarian, inoffensive and go with anything. But by the same token – hasn’t every faucet you ever see being finished in chrome become just a little boring?

As we approach 2021, we might be seeing attitudes shift. Aston Matthews is among the bathroom specialists predicting that more interesting colours like bronze and gold are making a comeback in the bathroom, adding a touch of antique class.

Splashes of colour

Speaking of monochrome – the black-and-white bathroom has been another hugely popular look for we don’t know how long now. And yes, that chessboard tiling effect with pure ivory fixtures does look great in any bathroom. But subtle use of colour to break up the yin and yang is getting plenty of attention in design circles.

This article in Houzz magazine sums up the mood by advocating moderate amounts of blues and greens – maybe a single colour tiled wall, or a panelled feature unit. A nautical feel to transport you at bath time, perhaps?

Timber touches

Let’s be honest, quality carpentry using the very best timbers available never really goes out of fashion. But one room where you are probably least likely to find wooden furnishings in your average home is the bathroom.

Perhaps now is the time to look beyond ceramics and think about adding some timber for a more earthy, organic feel. This article captures the mood by highlighting how versatile wood can be in the bathroom – whether you opt for a knock-out artisan sink stand or simple panelling around your bath, it can transform the entire look and feel of the room.

Wall(paper) flowers

Speaking of adding an organic aesthetic to your bathroom, another intriguing trend for those looking to make more of a statement is the return to favour of floral wallpaper. As Home & Gardens puts it, ‘botanical walls’ guarantee the “biggest, boldest and brightest impact” and add “a fun and tropical feel” that sits in stark contrast to the minimalist, almost clinical effect white tiles and chrome taps create.