If you’re looking for a nursing home for somebody you love, you will want to leave nothing to chance. It has to have all the necessary features that allow its users to feel comfortable and happy.

In other words, you’re looking for your loved one’s new home.

So, how to choose the right nursing home? Well, there are many things to consider, but some elements do stand out as more important than the rest.

In the rest of this text, we will help you pick the right place by taking a look at the five most important features every nursing home should have. Let’s get going!

Where is it?

The location of the nursing home is extremely important because you will want to be sure you can visit whenever you want.

Also, you will want your loved ones to know you’re always close by.

Would driving here after a long day be too much for you? If the answer is yes, you may want to think about finding a place that’s closer to you, a place you can visit without that being too big of a problem for you.


The nursing home you choose has to have the right equipment that helps its residents feel safe. This equipment can also be extremely important in giving them a sense of independence because all parts of the home will be accessible to them.

Things like shower chairs, LOVE Stairlifts, medical walkers and various other items have to be readily available to everyone in the home.

How many people are there?

Think of your loved one’s personality. Do they feel comfortable with many people around?

If they don’t like crowds and are perhaps a bit of an introvert, consider a smaller nursing home from them. Likewise, some people simply prefer to be surrounded by others, and for them, a bigger nursing home is a better solution.


Obviously, nursing homes have their staff, people who will be taking care of your loved ones every single day, so you want them to be as competent as possible.

Try to see how they work when you first come to inspect the home and do your best to find out everything about them.


Different nursing homes have different activities to offer. Some even allow the residents to choose which ones will be on the menu.

Try to find a place that offers many different activities, be they educational, physical and social. You always want your loved ones to have something interesting to do.