A concrete driveway is a popular choice for many homeowners because it is durable and has low maintenance. Concrete driveways can last for decades, and they require little more than occasional sweeping and washing to keep them looking their best. Concrete driveways are also very versatile since they can be stamped and tinted to provide a wide range of distinct looks.

1Cost: Initially, the cost of concrete driveways may seem something extra than asphalt driveways. Indeed, it is costlier than asphalt. However, the tricky part is that no matter how cheap the asphalt is, it needs a lot of maintenance and the costlier ones. On the other hand, paying a little bit of extra on the initial stage would save a lot in the long run which is why many folks prefer concrete driveways these days.

2. Low Maintenance: If you worry about maintenance, you should install a concrete driveway. It requires virtually low to no maintenance, which saves you time and money in the long run. Concrete driveways prevent weeds from growing on the paved area. Also, they can last over 20 years. You only need to scrub with a hose and a stiff brush to scour the surface thoroughly. Following the placement of concrete on the surface, a protective coating called concrete sealer will be applied on top of the surface to preserve it. A sealer can handle the cleaning and should be applied at least once a year. It is better to seal a driveway in the fall or summer, which makes it resist road salts and harsh winter weather.

3Environment Friendly: There is no denying the fact that concrete driveways are more energy efficient. It does not consume as much energy as needed in the case of asphalt. While producing and installing, very little amount of energy is required. Thus, it does not harm the environment.

Another advantage of using concrete is that one can reuse it after its shelf life which is 30 – 60 years. The materials, which are used in concrete are water, sand, rock, and cement. These items are completely renewable.

4. Durability: Do you want a durable driveway? Consider concrete for landscaping, which can withstand extreme heat, rain, and more wear and tear than other choices. Also, it can bear too much load, which is the reason concrete is used for driveways in high-traffic areas. If you install concrete driveways, they can absorb heavy abuse from vehicles without any sign of damage. The concrete surface looks polished and professional and enhances the aesthetic value of your home. Hence, it is a great solution to boost curb appeal and impress your guests when they visit your home.

5. More Load-Bearing Capacity: Asphalt driveways are more flexible than concrete driveways which is why they can cause deformity and then damage to the surface. Driveways are meant for vehicles that can be heavy. Concrete is not flexible and thus does not change shape, get de-shaped, or damaged easily. So, no matter how much heavy a vehicle you drive in the place, it will be safe and will not get cracked. So, you can use it without getting tensed when there is a big car in your driveway every time.

6. Customizable: Concrete is available in different finishes and different color palettes. You can easily make different patterns, textures, and shapes. Outside of the house or any building, you can personalize the driveway to make the driveway of your dreams. The aesthetic appeal of your property will be improved as a result. You can provide information on the driveway you want to the contractor. Before hiring any contractor, you should research what kind of driveway you want, materials, the cost of materials, and more.

7. Summer and Winter Friendly: Concrete driveways provide enough space for children to play and enough space for vehicles to pass through. But do you know that concrete driveways are summer and winter friendly? It will stay cool in summer if the driveway surface is painted with light color. In winter, you can easily remove snow from the driveways effortlessly.


You should consider the listed advantages and disadvantages when you hire a contractor to build a concrete driveway. This guide will help you to make an informed decision based on facts. You will be able to save on the construction of sidewalks or driveways.