Are you struggling to find space in your home due to lack of storage? Bespoke storage solutions transform the appearance of your home while providing you with that all-essential storage space. So ditch the unsightly stacked up boxes and containers for good, and make your home work for you with these bespoke space-saving storage tips from Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture:

  1. Plan ahead

If you’re renovating your home or moving into a new house, it’s essential to plan for the different types of storage solutions you require. Estate agent plans often contain inaccuracies, so it’s recommended to create detailed room plans yourself or pay someone to make 3D renders. Detailed plans and 3D renders will enable you to determine where new and existing furniture will fit harmoniously.

Just a little pre-planning and careful consideration of your home’s layout can go a long way. To ensure you plan for enough storage space, take note of the items you’re looking to store away. Consider how you live and your family’s lifestyle and plan your home layout and storage solutions around your way of life. For professional input, don’t hesitate to ask a fitted furniture specialist for their opinion of maximising space.

If engaging a furniture specialist, get them on board as early as possible. Something as simple as the positioning of a cupboard or wardrobe, even by a few inches, can make a real difference to the appearance of a room, and often these decisions are left to builders or chance which can have a disastrous effect on your interior.

  1. Build storage space in the walls

If you’re renovating your home, think about building storage space into the walls. Building into the eaves spaces of the roof is the best way to make use of redundant attic space. Alcoves around the chimney are the perfect space for bookshelves, cabinets and TV units. Cubbyholes in bathrooms are ideal for storing toiletries without compromising space. Using a free-standing bookshelf as a room divider is a clever way to add storage to an open-plan room and can be accessed from both sides.

  1. Consider floor-to-ceiling shelving

Make the most of every bit of space in your home with floor-to-ceiling shelving and cupboard space. 30% more storage space is achieved with bespoke made-to-measure furniture than free-standing off-the-shelf furniture. Where possible, use built-in bespoke furniture to maximise floor space and utilised awkward angled layouts and areas with low headroom.

  1. Convert your loft

Converting an attic is the sure most and cheapest way of increasing the square footage of your home. Creating storage space in an attic can be a challenge due to the angled lines of the roof, but with bespoke furniture, you can use the full height walls of the room to build wardrobes, drawers and shelves. The lower eaves space under the roof is ideal for building drawers and cupboard between rafters and using space that would otherwise go unused.

  1. Dont forget small rooms

Despite what you may think, well-designed, integrated storage, beds, bedsides and desks in small or awkwardly-shaped rooms are more suited to be bespoke and made-to-order. With small rooms you don’t have the luxury of choice, so you cannot rely on the functionality of shop furniture.

Forward planning in interior design ensures space and storage is maximised. Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture designs clever storage solutions that maximise the use of space, providing generous, clutter-free interior.