Mirrors are fantastic for decorating your home. They open up space in your home as they reflect the light and can make a room look gorgeous. Mirrors can be fun to decorate with and with a little creativity you can create a show-stopping centrepiece for your house. Before you start hanging them up in your home wherever you fancy, we have created a list of some quick tips which will help you learn how to decorate your home with mirrors.

Brighten The Room

This tip is simple but very effective if you place a mirror opposite or even next to a window you can increase the natural light which is let into a room in your home. The rule is the bigger the mirror the lighter space.

Focal Point Of A Room

If you are searching for a focal point in one of your favourite rooms, a mirror could bring this room to life. A mirror is the perfect focal point for the centre of a living room or dining room for example. If you want to make an impact an entire room full of mirrors will create a jaw-dropping feature.

Reflection Is Key

Before you hang your mirror make sure you have a look at what will be reflected within it. You should try and place your mirror in front of a painting, piece of furniture, a sculpture or something else attractive as it will give them a sense of importance, however, the effect will be the same if there is something unattractive hanging in front of it. You should consider hanging your mirror in front of a window as mentioned before it will increase the amount of light in a room and make it look bigger.

Enlarging A Room

If you have a smaller room in your home that you wish had a bit more space, mirrors may be the perfect solution for you. Place a large mirror onto you biggest wall space as it will reflect as much light back into the room as possible, giving the illusion that the room as a whole is a lot larger. This could work in a room such as a small office or even a narrow hallway.

Creativity Goes A Long Way

This is your home, you have the freedom to be flexible and creative when creating the perfect space for you and your family. Mirrors are the perfect way to add a little something to your home without spending too much money on transforming a room completely. You can even get your mirrors made to measure which means you can have a mirror which will fit any space, anywhere in your home with ease, which makes them the perfect feature for your home.