When it comes to the material that windows and doors are made from, UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is a type, which is gaining immense popularity among homeowners as well as commercial places. While standard aluminum and wood offer certain properties, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride has benefits, which exceed both in several ways. UPVC has actually become one of the most preferred materials because it has excellent home insulation properties, however, there are many other advantages of installing UPVC windows and doors, such as:

Low Maintenance 

Unlike natural materials that require annual repainting, varnishing and sanding, UPVC is a good low maintenance material. Doors and windows produced from UPVC tend to have increased durability and shelf life. The only maintenance is a clean wipe down with soapy water to remove dirt and prevent staining.


Energy efficiency is very important these days considering expensive power bills that consumers have to pay. People look for doors and windows that impact the warmth and energy rating of the house. UPVC windows and doors conduct low heat. When fitted correctly, these doors and windows create a closed air system reducing the heat loss, which is experienced by non-insulating substances or materials.

upvc windows and doors melbourne

UPVC Windows and Doors Melbourne


The security of a house or property is paramount to any door or window installation. This is the reason why   UPVC windows and doors surpass expectations with a sturdy yet ultra-light frame, used in combination with double glazed glass with different locking combinations that will prevent a burglar from breaking in. 

Easily Customizable 

Generally, most UPVC doors, windows, and external facias come in white color. Nonetheless, advancements in the manufacturing process have signified customers are no longer restricted to the only color. These days, homeowners can easily explore customizable styles, shapes, and imitation effects like wood grain.


UPVC windows and doors come in different style configurations providing useful ventilation systems with productive airflow inside a room. An efficient window configuration is known as tilt and turn. It has an effective two-window arrangement. You can open the windows in two directions, resulting in draft-free ventilation. When in tilted position inwards, the hot air can move out through the side openings and top. You can turn the windows to open them fully, which can rapidly ventilate the atmosphere of a room, useful for refreshing or cleaning.


UPVC is quite durable meaning the frames could cope against the extreme elements. Moreover, it is not affected by corrosion and rot which is advantageous for properties situated close to the seashore where high salt present in the environment can pose problems. UPVC windows and doors have a special coating, which protects against ultraviolet rays. Prolonged sun exposure damages and tends to fade the materials.

UPVC Windows and Doors Melbourne

UPVC Windows and Doors Melbourne

Fire Resistant 

The building regulations say that frames and units for doors and windows must be produced from fire-resistant materials. This will prevent external fire spread. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is also required by building laws to conform to fire safety protocol, entailing the material would keep the main route open for thirty minutes in case of a fire accident.


The UPVC works in conjunction with double glazed windows to help reduce the amount of noise which can pass in your house. The majority of UPVC windows and doors must decrease external noise by up to 50 percent when compared with traditional counterparts.

Weather Resistant 

Weather is a problem that affects most materials. UPVC doors and windows do not react with air and water. Furthermore, they are not vulnerable to natural elements, implying a longer shelf life without aging.

All in all, UPVC doors and windows are not only delighting to the eyes, low maintenance and eco-friendly, but they also make sure homes have proper security.