So you’ve added some new accessories to your bathroom for a fresh DIY update, but something’s missing, and it’s probably got to do with your older-looking bathtub or shower.

If you’re looking to further spruce up your bathroom, don’t turn to the daunting costs of a new bathtub or shower. You’d be surprised just how many ways you can renovate your bathroom without actually getting a full replacement.

Here are 5 low-budget ways to refresh your bathroom’s look and style without replacing your bathtub or shower:

1. Find a modern, signature showerhead.

With a budget of just $100 or less, you can find yourself a modern showerhead that will completely shift your bathroom into a stylish new upgrade. Not only will it improve the look of your bathroom, but it’s also going to improve your water pressure and work like a new shower. There’s nothing better than a visual upgrade that comes with functional upgrades too, making this one of the best low-cost options that doesn’t require a full shower replacement.

2. Get professional refinishing done for your bathtub and tiles.

Reglazing your bathtub is the best option for an upgrade that brings back the shiny, squeaky clean bathtub you started out with. Any chips, cracks, and discoloration can be removed within just $500 when you hire a professional, like this Jacksonville bathtub refinishing company for instance. If you are contemplating a bathtub resurfacing, be sure not to approach this one as a DIY project if you want to avoid peeling and other issues caused by not having the proper technique or equipment.

A tiled bathroom is already an elegant one, so changing the style up according to a new theme is bound to look even more captivating, and much cleaner too. Like bathtubs, tiles can also be resurfaced by professionals with paint or replaced with new grout to improve their appearance, without needing to replace all of them.

3. Make a small, but worthy investment into a new shower bar and curtain.

As one of the most inexpensive alternatives for a shower renovation, this investment only needs $75 or less for a fresh, new look and feel to your bathroom. Let your imagination run free here. You can double up on curtains for added style, in which case adding regular curtains onto a shower rod is a great option.

4. Modernize your shower doors with an inexpensive upgrade.

Is your shower door still stuck in previous decades? Upgrade with modern, glass shower doors that bring an amazing new look to your bathroom. Whether you’re looking for new doors for your walk-in shower, or bathtub, all you need to get started on this one is $300.

5. Look into a unique and elegant faucet you’ve never had.

With $50 or even less, it may be time to refresh your bathroom’s overall vibe with a new faucet and temperature control knobs. Try replacing your faucet for an improved look that is unique, yet still highly functional. It’s one of the first things people see when they walk into your bathroom, and it’s the last thing they use before they walk out, so be sure to take extra care when approaching options for a new bathroom faucet.