Several people put all their trust on door locks to keep their home safe. These can be excellent security device if you can use them correctly. Here are a few tips and advices that will help you set up the locks and select the right kind for your home. Not all locks are made same nor are they compatible with all kinds of doors.

Different types of door locks

There are a wide variety of locks available in the market. For instance, you can get locks that can only be locked from inside. These are particularly good option for back doors or for bathrooms where you are only required to lock from inside. There are also digital locks and locks that require cards to be opened.

Traditional door locks:

Of course, when it comes to residential homes, the simple and traditional door locks are most popular and effective. These types of locks must be put in a horizontal position. You have to install part of it on the door and the rest on the wall closest to the lock.

Hole to hole door locks:

You can also opt for hole-to-hole door locks; these are more secure and come with padlocks. These types of locks are not that safe and can easily be opened by thieves or intruders.

Deadbolt locks with one cylinder:

You need to use locks that have a deadbolt inside. You can get a deadbolt lock that operates by sliding one cylinder inside the lock.

Deadbolt locks with two cylinders:

The more expensive options have two cylinders to secure the door. The two cylinders sliding inside a deadbolt makes it much harder to break open. Also, a single cylinder deadbolt can be opened with a key from outside, but the lock can be opened without a key from inside. When you use a two-cylinder deadbolt you will be able to open the door from both sides by using a key.

Get keyless door locks:

If you have spent a lot of money on creating a particular look for your home and want to enhance its style, then getting keyless locks is a good idea. These types of locks not only increase the overall appeal of the home but also increase its value. You will be able to enter your home without having to worry about misplacing your keys.

It is also an efficient way to control who can access your home in your absence. For instance, if you are leaving for work and expect someone from your family to arrive an hour later you do not have to leave the keys with a neighbor or under the door mat. You will only have to share the passcode with that person for them to enter your home.

This is a great option from a family with large number of members else you will have to make many duplicate keys. If you want a more secure experience than a password, then you can also get biometric door locks. These types of locks are operated by a person’s biometric, usually the fingerprint or face. So, when installing the lock, you can program a selected group’s fingerprints in the lock and only that select few people can open the lock using their fingerprints. These types of locks are most secure.


You need to know which type of lock is best suited for the different types of doors in your home. Selecting the right combination of locks and other security measures will help you stop thieves and other intruders from entering your home.

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