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8 Ways to Dress Up Your Boring Bare Walls

When it comes to home decor, every room and space needs some special attention. While you don’t want to overdo it, you also don’t want to leave any part of your home forgotten and unloved. One big and important space that needs just the right amount of decor is your walls. Decorated walls work to shape your home decor and shouldn’t be left blank and boring. Continue reading

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Why Dubai’s Elite Are Employing Western Interior Designers

Dubai has a rich cultural heritage that extends across the Arabian empire. The country’s name alone will bring to mind homes with luxurious fabrics and over-to-top ornamental features fit for a king. However, there is a movement among the Dubai’s elite towards a more western style, as it has become much more desirable than the traditional décor that is so unanimous with the country.

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Contemporary Dining Room Table

If you’re searching to buy a brand new dining area table and also the type of your dining area is contemporary it will likely be essential that you keep up with the same contemporary style. Contemporary tables are usually have more dark finishes which are sleek and clean lined. You may also obtain a contemporary glass top dining room table too. So you’ll have a variety of options.Continue reading

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How Would You Choose the Right Blinds For Your Home?

Blinds come in different styles and shades. However, finding one to suit the ambience of our homes is not an easy task. When the question is about window treatments, the choices are galore. Whatever may be the style of our homes, the windows are one of the first things that people often tend to notice. The way in which we treat our windows creates an ambience which only assists in enhancing our style. When you choose the blinds for your windows, you need to pick best quality blinds. These blinds can protect your window panes from harsh climate and humidity level. Apart from that, these blinds can prevent sun heat and keep your rooms cool. To procure the utmost privacy and security level, you can choose some decorative blinds for your windows.

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Top 5 Modern Living Room Ideas

Regardless of how spacious your living room is, you have to give it the attention it deserves. This is probably the place where you spend most of your time and it has to absolutely perfect, whether it’s big or small. The living room is where you entertain your guests and spend time with your family, so it needs to be welcoming, cozy and enjoyable. However, with the fast pace of modern life, it’s hard to find time to renovate your living room as often as you’d like and it’s even harder to incorporate all the elements you want – from a new flat screen TV to a bookcase, and from a comfortable sofa to a high-end coffee table. Combining all of these pieces of furniture with decorative elements can be tricky if you don’t have a master plan, which is why most people opt for a certain style and simply follow it. If you decide to do the same in your living room, choosing modern appeal might be the best way to go, so here are a few ideas and current trends that might help you bring your living room to the new century.

Living Room Ideas

#1. Modern entertainment centers

With so many options on the market, tech lovers are facing more and more troubles these days deciding which model is the best and which one to purchase. However, you can’t imagine a modern living room without a TV, a stereo sound system, a DVD player and a gaming console or two. Since modern entertainment centers are usually packed with designated areas for each of these components, you can pick a unit based on the specific equipment you already have or plan to purchase. Additionally, if you aren’t satisfied with the rich offer in your local furniture store, you can always design and make your own entertainment center – there’s lots of inspiration online, so you can combine different ideas and incorporate the elements you need.

#2. Modern bookcases

Since a concept of an ultra-modern bookcase still raises a few eyebrows with some more traditional-oriented people, you might find a suitable model that easily. However, there’s nothing stopping you from designing your own bookcase and making it as modern as you want. Just make sure you’re using a combination of various modern materials – recycled wood, steel, iron, aluminum, copper and even bamboo are among the options you should explore – and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can invest a few extra dollars and a bit more time into designing innovative and unique bookshelves that will quickly become the focal point of your living room and everyone’s favorite piece.

#3. Modern furniture

Even though classic furniture has been making a huge comeback onto the decoration scene in the past several years, a constantly rising number of people is opting for modern furniture to express their need for a fresh and new living room. Luckily, you don’t have to do much in order to achieve this effect – just a handful of carefully selected pieces will do the trick and turn your living room into something special in a manner of minutes. First of all, stick to the “less is more” philosophy and don’t overstuff your seating area with too many pieces – a modest sofa or a sectional combined with a couple of armchairs and a glass coffee table will be quite enough to accommodate all your guests at once. Secondly, mind the materials and, if possible, mix natural ones – preferably wood or metal – with comfortable linen and cotton in the upholstery.

Thirdly, don’t forget the decorations and details that will turn these separate pieces into a whole and give your living room a refined atmosphere – several decorative designer cushions dressed in warm colors and engaging patterns will be quite enough. Finally, pay close attention to the color of your furniture and try to personalize it as much as you can. Sticking to earthly tones might easily be the most effective solution, while picking an intriguing pattern for your sofa, sectional or armchair material will not only keep your living room constantly new, but also open up a ton of opportunities for color coordinating your walls and furniture. Obviously, the cushions you pick should follow the same tones if you want to incorporate them with the furniture naturally.

#4. Modern wall colors

Speaking of colors, many people wonder whether they should focus on the color of their walls or the furniture first. Whichever tactic you follow is quite OK, but just make certain you’ve thought it through long and hard as going back after already repainting your walls or buying the furniture isn’t easy at all. The only thing that could make this process a bit easier is investigating potential wall colors, discussing them with your family and narrowing down the choice. It ultimately depends on a number of things – the style of your living room, the amount of natural light it has, the size of the room and your own personal preferences – so take them all into consideration during this process.

Fortunately, no matter how big your living room is, how much light it gets and what kind of a person you are, there are literally millions of options to choose from. Most people opt for warm and natural tones – light gray, beige, orange, teal, taupe, etc. – while the others aren’t afraid to mix things up a bit and, for instance, paint one wall differently, usually in a bolder and darker color. This accent wall is then easily turned into a focal point of the room and can help you a lot with spatial orientation and decoration, which is why this idea is so great. It also allows you more freedom when combining walls and furniture – if your sofas and armchairs don’t match the main color, you can always combine them with this new one!

#5. More modern trends

In the end, some of the most popular trends that are present in millions of homes around the world at the moment are the eclectic style that combines numerous separate pieces into a homogenous whole, the aforementioned minimalistic style that gives you the freedom to get creative with the decorations, the Scandinavian style relying on simplicity and meticulous organization, various geometrical patterns on the walls and the furniture, as well as unexpected color combinations that will grab your visitors’ attention instantaneously. Of course, you mustn’t forget one of the most popular colors right now – Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery. If you use it in your living room, you’ll not only create a warm and calming space, but show the world that you follow trends and aren’t afraid to explore new ideas and unusual color combinations.

Elegance to Your Home Décor
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How Glass Can Add Elegance to Your Home Décor

When it comes to home décor and interior design trends, change all the time. It’s like fashion; one day something is IN, and the next day it is considered outdated. If you’re looking for different ways to add elegance to your home, then your best bet is to choose something that never goes out of style. Glass fits perfectly into that category. Besides adding elegance, glass also brightens your home.

Artistic vibe

One of the common concerns that people have about adding more glass to their home décor is the lack of homey atmosphere. But, that’s not entirely correct. Glass is versatile, it has numerous uses, and it allows you to adapt it to the interior and overall atmosphere of your home. The best thing of all, you can reuse glass and show off your creative side. Instead of throwing jars into the trash you can hold candles in them or decorate them to serve as vases. With glass, possibilities are endless. Plus, you can give your home artsy vibe without having to spend much money, all through reusing and repurposing glass objects.

Glass kitchen cabinets

Don’t you feel sad for your fancy china that is “trapped” in the cabinet and sees the light of day only during the holiday season? You know what they say; if you got it, flaunt it! Choosing kitchen cabinets with glass doors makes your kitchen shine on. Plus, they make your kitchen seem bigger i.e. create the optical illusion. This is particularly beneficial for all the ladies who always search for home decor tips that make space visually bigger. Besides cabinets with glass doors, you can also go for glass countertops. It is important to mention that glass remains unaffected by heat, meaning you can still cook regularly.

Glass dining room table

Adding glass onto the top of your dining room table gives the modern twist that your family and friends will adore. The good thing here is that you don’t even have to buy a new table, you can just add glass onto it, and there are many stores that can help you out with that. As a result, you’ll bring an elegant vibe to your décor without harming your budget.

Glass lighting

As mentioned above, glass makes your home brighter, and brightness equals elegance. If you’re tired of the current lighting in your home and thinking about making a change, then you can consider chandeliers. They have a wide array of designs and shapes that fit every interior. Plus, it is possible to find a perfect chandelier for every budget. Other options include lanterns, fairy lights in mason jars.

Glass dividing wall

Replacing certain sections of a wall with glass is a great and elegant way to open space, make it visually bigger and more inviting. Dividing walls don’t have to be carved in stone; you can opt for glass. For instance, you can add one of these glass dividing walls between the living room and dining space, thus creating two rooms in one. This trick is particularly beneficial for people who live in smaller home or condos but want to make their living space bigger and separated e.g. living room and dining room, or living room and home office divided by one glass wall.

Glass coffee table top

Glass tabletops don’t have to apply to dining room tables only; you can do the same trick with a coffee table in your living room. That way, your living area will seem more elegant, particularly if you also add some flowers and coffee table books. You’ll love having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee there with your friends. Plus, glass coffee table tops make your area ideal for Instagram photos and flat lays. Another bonus, it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


Okay, you’re probably thinking this is nothing new, we all have a mirror in our home. But, most of us stick to plain and simple mirrors that we use to see whether we look great in our outfits. The truth is, opting for artistic mirrors makes any room seem more elegant. Distinctive shapes and designs add more depth to any space. Glozine lifestyle also loves the trick where instead of hanging a “regular” painting on the wall, you can create a picture out of different sizes and shapes (oval, square) of mirrors for a classy and elegant room. If you want something simple, you can always opt for a regular mirror and elaborate frame for the extra sophisticated vibe.


Home décor is a perfect representation of your personality, and you get to explore your creativity and imagination. To make your living space more elegant, glass is always a great choice. It never goes out of style and makes any room visually bigger and brighter.

Elegance to Your Home Décor
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How To Build An Indoor Fireplace

Nothing says warm and comfortable like an indoor brick fireplace. Building your own takes some diligent work, yet the final product can genuinely upgrade the interest of your home. To make this venture more sensible, take a stab at acquiring a fireplace stone work unit.

Getting Started

To begin with, select the area of your home you wish to introduce the chimney. Probably the most well-known spots for a chimney are the family room, lounge area, and room. Allot and check the region before you start to ensure the spot you picked has the divider space required and seeing zone you fancy for your fireplace.

Constructing the Hearth and Fireplace Foundation

The size of the hearth standardly is around 4 inches thick. The base of the hearth must be incorporated while considering the heaviness of the fireplace and firebox which it underpins. It should likewise be sufficiently profound for the hearth augmentation which is ordinarily around 18 – 20 inches forward of the opening.

For the base, you should develop the hearth establishment around 3 inches beneath your present deck. This will take into account enough room and support to suit the inward hearth and hearth expansion.

Building the Frame

When assembling the framing for your fireplace, consider no less than 2 inches of space is required amongst combustibles and the outside mass of the fireplace. Additionally the external burnable divider ought to be no less than 4 inches thicker than the encircling brick work. This will keep blazes from reaching out past the ignitable divider and can likewise consider some dsign flexibility for the shelf piece.

Inner Hearth Construction

Blend mortar by taking after the guidelines on the bundling. When fabricating your base, make certain to represent the measure of space expected to fit the firebox. Spread the mortar and start to lay the firebrick base. Make a point to leave 1/16″ wide joints between every brick.

Building the Firebox

Put the steel frame glass fire entryways where you imagine the opening of your fireplace, tape this zone off with painters tape. This stamp out will go about as a guide for building the firebox.

Start constructing the firebox utilizing recalcitrant mortar and firebricks. When laying the firebricks, ensure they are set with the goal that they shape the front edge of the covings while meeting the rear of your painter’s tape format.

Backing up the Firebrick

Keeping in mind the end goal is to guarantee the toughness of the base and casing, move down your firebrick with Solid Square. Begin by laying the 4 x 8 x 16 solid squares on the hearth base and develop them until the firebox dividers are no less than 8 inches thick. Make a point to leave air space between the brick work and external shell amid development so the firebox has space to grow when it ends up plainly hot.

Setting the Throat

Your pack ought to have accompanied a fireplace throat. This ought to be introduced on top of the firebox utilizing obstinate mortar. Once the throat is set it will furnish the chimney with the right firebox profundity and fire back width. Presently develop the stone work to the highest point of the throat making a 13.5 inch stage over the chimney opening. Once the stage has been developed, you have to set the damper. Ensure the pivot of the damper opens and closes uninhibitedly. At the point when appropriately introduced, the valve ought to open forward.

Forming the Smoke Chamber

Utilize vitrified mud to frame a smoke chamber over the damper. Ensure the damper valve still opens and closes unreservedly in the wake of shaping the smoke chamber. Joint the mud together with mortar and develop the brick work around 4 inches thick around the load.

Building the Chimney

The fireplace must be no less than 4 inches thick around the pipe every which way and must reach out no less than three inches over the rooftop line. Utilizing headstrong mortar and firebrick, build the stack so it is no less than 4 inches far from the outside burnable mass of your home.

When you complete your chimney, make certain to give the mortar a chance to set for no less than a couple days before lighting your first fire.

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Best Placement Ideas to Use a Handmade Rug at Home

A handmade area rug defines the look of a space and spruces it up in such a manner that it gives a unique look to the entire space. Have you had the same style for years and have dying to change the same? Here are some great ways to give your home a brand new look by placing a best quality handmade area carpet. A rug is the most important thing, which adds up to the beauty of a room.

Decide the Theme or Style of a Handmade Rug:

Each room has a special interior type decor like traditional or modern. Every room requires a different type off rug, which if placed properly will make the room feel like heaven. If you place a modern design rug in a traditional room or a traditional carpet in the modern room then it will take away the charm and look of your existing space. So this is very important that you should select a carpet according to design. After deciding the carpet type, you have to clear about the size. You have to measure the floor space where you want to place it.

Use carpet for floor:

  • Rug for entrance and transitional space: When you are going to use a carpet at the entrance then the width of the carpet should be according to the door space and as far as the material is concerned, you can select cotton and wool. Please avoid silk carpet because this is a high traffic area and silk carpets are expensive. You can use dark color with fewer design pattern carpet.
  • Round Shaped rugs for the living room: – Round shaped rugs are always considered as decorative carpets and really suitable for living space. You can place it exactly at the center of the living room and can keep rest of the space empty. If you put the furniture at the round carpet border, it will look gorgeous. You can use bright colors with bold motifs pattern handmade carpets.
  • Floor area rug: If you want to use a large carpet for your dining room or for the living room then you can select traditional silk carpet. Yes, we suggest a traditional carpet because the living room is only a room where you spend so much time with your friends, guest, and family. So you have to decorate it in good Silk carpets are very exclusive. When you place it in the living room, it will make the rug as a focal point. For the dining room, you can select wool carpet. If you want to place carpet in your bedroom then the the woolen carpet is best because it provides warmth and cozy touch. You can select light and cool colors like blue, pink white. It will give a thecalm feel to the entire place.

Wall Hanging: Rugs are a versatile piece so you can use it in different ways. Hanging rug on a wall can give the wall a wonderful look. If you hang your carpet without any support, it can fall down. So before hanging your carpet, you have to add casing. The casing is a long banded strip of fabric which is that will secure the rod when the rug is mounted. You can use Persian silk carpet with an ancient design like a representation of war, Tree of life design or sometimes related to forest design.

Use carpet for staircase: You can use a long carpet for the staircase. Before selecting carpet, you must know the total length of stair, length and width of individual satire steps.

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Best Companies To Help You In Installing- Double Glazing Installers Kent

Double glazing has become most remarkable now a days. Everybody wants to install attractive and beneficial doors and windows in their home. It not only increases the beauty of your home but also protects you from harmful rays and insects germs etc. There are many companies who can help you in providing double glazing installers Kent. They not only provides high-quality windows and doors but also helps in installing to make your home a perfect home. Kent is a wonderful place where people are of high standards and want attractive homes for their living. These windows and doors can become a best impression for newly married couples too. Installer’s are available to install these for you in your best time. They do their work such that large numbers of repeat customers and customer recommendations come by their works.

The companies have gained high success by the help of their high level of practical and technical expertise and tactics for installing double glazing in the building and window industries. Their success has also been possible due to the committed and experienced staff who work hard to gain the best attractive result for customers. Due to their hard work customers become satisfied and feel best experience with perfect attentive service they get. Double glazing installers Kent have many installers who can perform the task easily as they have received higher degree in installing glaziers in home or commercial areas. The companies sometimes sell a wide range of windows, doors and conservatories to the trade, commercial and retail markets. Sometimes they step forward to sell Glass Splashbacks and Window Blinds for profit and customers demands. These installer’s are given higher training to do the work nicely without any damage or issue. They will manage the time also easily for your benefits and provide you long lasting windows to live happily and comfortably.

Will you like your home if it becomes a cold house. If you are experiencing excessive coldness in your home due to lack of insulation or him has become old, double glazing is must to be installed in your home. Only double glazing is the perfect way of protecting a house during the winter months.

Some benefits you most know are:

  • It keeps the air warm inside the house though outer surrounding is cool. The airs inside the house does not pass out because double glazing windows and doors have capacity to function in that way. With 50-70% of a home’s heat lost through single-glazed windows. Thus it prevents heat transfer and is cost effective.
  • These are energy efficient too so you can install it freely at your home. So you don’t need heater at home. This has a huge positive effect on your energy bills and overall energy consumption.
  • Due to these windows and doors noise reduces and does not enter inside the house. So if you are living in a city where busy road is present you definitely need it. You can now sleep well at night too.
  • Property value and safety of your home increases. No one can easily harm you or your property. No thief can enter easily at your home. Increased safety. This is particularly true for laminated or tough glass windows and is a simple way to give yourself peace of mind.

So apply it today in your home and life.

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Design Your Bedroom and Feel Like 5 Star Hotel

Our bedroom is one of the most likely places in our home as it is the destination of our daily relaxation and to offload our stress and exertion. Here, we enter to take rest after a long day at work. So, a bedroom needs to be designed attractively to boost up your mood of sleep and rest as well. But to decorate the place beautifully, sometimes you may need assistance for the best bedroom furniture sets.Continue reading