The antique brass hardware is indeed a very popular item amongst the buyers because of its excellent polish that it usually has the attractive looks and the best durability of the products. They have presently used in both residential as well as commercial projects. There are several buyers who prefer the antique brass hardware over cast iron or wrought iron. The antique brass hardware includes locks, latches, doorknobs, door bolts, door hinges, shelf brackets, gate hinges, railings, etc. Caring for the antique brass items require proper know-how. Each metal has its own particular characteristics and requires the best and tender handling for the best outcome. The antique brass hardware should also properly be taken care of for maintaining the same in great condition over the passage of several years.

Tips To Take Care Of Antique Brass Hardware

Antique brass hardware requires to be taken care of very well if you want to maintain its originality.


Polishing should be done by hand if need be. One can opt for modern paste-type polish which contains micro-abrasives. However, one should be very careful to ensure that the surrounding wood is completely protected. This can be done by applying a thin layer of wax around the perimeter of this metal or inserting an index in between the wood and metal while the polishing is being done. Alternatively, each fitting of this type of metal can be removed, polished and then fitted back again with the wood for best results.


The cleaning materials should necessarily include a sponge and isopropyl. If the concerned part to be polished is already in a dirty condition, then one should necessarily clean the surface with a wet sponge and water before the commencing of the polishing procedure. If you follow the procedure properly, then the metal would certainly look brighter when polished with a yellow cloth that releases the exact amount of oil on the metal’s surface. Using olive oil for polishing will also increase the overall duration between each polishing as this slows down the process of tarnishing.

When the antique brass is properly maintained, then these look really enticing and this would certainly be something which you can boast of. There are several dealers on the internet who can considerably help in purchasing the best of these precious items.

Brass is commonly found on the various decorative items, fixtures, and hardware. You should make it a point not to clean brass hardware with lemon or vinegar as the acid content in these items is very harsh for his metal. Likewise, you should also make it a point that you always avoid ammonia-based products such as glass cleaners.

A thin coat of lacquer is often being applied on the antique brass surface in order to prevent tarnish. A coat of paste wax will also help in slowing down the tarnish considerably. But antique brass should not be polished because the patina which develops over the passage of time is very desirable. There are several lamp bases, sculptures, and fixtures that are made up of brass. This is indeed great news that the less of polishing that you conduct on this metal, the more antique look you will fetch for your antique brass hardware. The wonderful patina that appears with the ageing of antique brass is highly aesthetic and is desirable amongst millions who understand the significance and prestige attached with antique brass hardware. All you need to do in order to maintain any of the brass items.

Bring home the good-looking and prestigious antique brass hardware and make your home look better than ever before.