Everybody has been going marble mad for a while now within the interior design industry, with brands launching beautiful limited-edition furniture pieces and household essentials to help you bring a touch of this interior trend to your home. From stunning vases to bold custom-made tables, there are so many different ways in which you can incorporate marble into your interiors to enhance your existing decorative style. It can often be challenging to find the right items to add to your home whilst keeping the right style balance, so we’ve gathered our favourite marble pieces to help inspire you for your own home.

Marble Lighting Fixtures

Whether you want to go all out and create a bold focal point, or you want to add a subtle touch of marble to your interiors, you can rest assured a stylish lighting fixture will help you achieve exactly what you have in mind. From larger ceiling fixtures to simple wall fittings, there are so many unique marble lighting options available for you to choose from.

Subtle caged wall marble light fixture from Buster + Punch helps to add a delicate touch of marble to the room without taking away from the existing décor.

Marble Dining Table

From marble effect features to real marble furniture pieces, you can achieve a really luxurious and elegant look within your home with this stylish interior trend. Marble helps to create a beautiful aesthetic that will instantly transform your home and by introducing a bold bespoke marble dining table to your interiors, you can instantly create a bold statement. Incorporating bespoke furniture pieces to your home is a great way of adding a unique, personal touch to your home whilst creating a bold aesthetic that will bring your décor to life. Transform your dining rooms existing look with a large, shiny marble dining table perfect for throwing a fabulous dinner party.

This bold bespoke marble dining table from All in Stone helps to enhance the décor within the dining room, complemented by glamorous buttoned back chairs to create a warm and welcoming feel.

Marble Fireplaces

Create the ultimate focal point within your living or dining room with a stunning marble fireplace. Fireplaces are the ideal feature for drawing the eye and creating a central point within a room and enhancing this area with a luxurious marble frame will finish off the room perfectly. From lighter marble to dark dramatic styles, you can change the whole aesthetic within your home by introducing marble fireplaces to the room.

This luxurious marble fireplace from Marble Hill embodies a dramatic aesthetic with striking detailing to bring your existing décor up a notch. Dress with silver sculptures or candelabras to finish off the décor look in style.

Marble Crockery

Introduce a simple yet stylish touch of marble to your kitchen with luxurious marble crockery. You may not want to make too much of a statement within the home, but the simplicity of a marble casserole dish or dinner set can add the perfect amount of elegance to your interiors whilst keeping up with the latest trends.

Le Creuset kept us wanting more when they launched their gorgeous marble range. This stunning marble decal cast iron casserole dish was the perfect piece to add a subtle touch of marble to the kitchen, whilst revelling in the quality and performance of a Le Creuset pot.