How you decorate your home says a lot about you. If you are someone who likes to keep up with the current trends, black is the color that you should incorporate into your modern home decor.  Black is a home decor color that is so hot right now, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. But are you worried that using black will make your house look more Gothic but not so chic? Let’s talk about some ideas on how to use this dark color to give your home a fresh look that is guaranteed to get the right kind of attention.

Why black?

Black is a classic color and looks pretty sophisticated in fashion, so why not in homes too? Home decor has focused on white for a while. However, black is now trending, and its popularity is continuing to grow. The best thing about black is that you can set all different kinds of themes around it and you are a lot less restricted than what you would be with other colors. Its versatility is a key reason many interior designers are embracing black in their work. Black is taking the world of interior design by storm. Can turn your home into the talking point of your social circles. Not to mention, when you see how amazing your home can look when it is decked out all in black decor, you are guaranteed to love it too.

Modern home decor ideas for adding black

1 – Using subtle black detailing

The first rule of black: you should not go over the top. Otherwise, you could end up having a home that looks like the house of horrors. The black detailing should act as an accent rather than anything else. You should have other colors in the room, although it is probably best to keep those colors quite neutral. The eye will naturally rest on the black accents that tie everything together, and this will look simply stunning. Decor options could include things like black picture frames, black frames on mirrors, a black coffee table, or some black cushions dotted amongst other ones on your sofa. These little details are perfect for making your modern home decor look a lot posher than it otherwise would. The great thing about using black as an accent in your interior design is that it can help make other decor elements match, even if they don’t quite (i.e., styles of art on the walls).

2 – Go for black walls

You might be feeling bold enough to have black walls or even ONE black wall in your living room, bedroom, or another area in your house. While a bold move, this choice can work well, as long as you make sure the rest of the room works around it. One black wall in a room and then the rest in white can look amazing as long as the rest of the space works together around this design. You can make black walls work in a couple of different ways depending on your personality and what general vibe you want to achieve. Black walls can close in a room, so it is best to go dark in a place that is already quite large. You need to work some color in the surrounding space to stop the room looking gloomy, so this means either brightly colored statement furniture or lots of white. Black and white go well together and give a classic atmosphere that NEVER goes out of style.

3 – Try black flooring

Not quite brave enough to go for black walls but still want to make a bold statement by using the color in your home? Black flooring can look beautiful, especially when tiled in the bathroom or kitchen. If you don’t want the entire floor black, you can always break this up a little with rugs and don’t forget to consider what furniture you are going to be using in the room with the black flooring.

4 – Choose a black sofa

Black sofas look cool, and they are also much easier to keep clean. If you want some black pieces of furniture to work around other brighter elements in the room, a black sofa is a perfect choice. The great thing about sofas is that you can add additional style elements using cushions, footstools, and so on. This feature means that your sofa does not have to appear completely black. There are many amazing black sofas out there, and whether you go for a stylish leather or a cozy fabric, it’s guaranteed to be an eye-catching piece of interior design.

5 – Look online for photos to use as inspiration

There are so many people uploading images of their beautiful black interior design on websites like Pinterest and Twitter. While you might not want to steal ideas outright, you can certainly get some inspiration. You can look at the way that others have given their black walls texture. You can see what furniture they have used and what colors go well with black. Looking for photos of actual homes with black interior before you start the process of redecorating is essential. This research can help you come up with a plan of sorts, and then you will have a much better idea in your head of how the result is going to look.

6 – Think outside the box

In addition to the obvious design updates where you can add black elements, there are other things you can do to create texture and generally give your home even more personality. Black sinks can look so chic in a bathroom. Black knobs on cabinetry add a sense of sophistication. Think about black light fittings, black china, or other little ornaments that might usually be in a different color. However, when thinking outside the box, and adding some black where people wouldn’t expect, it would not hurt to consult an interior designer. While a designer can help with any ideas for incorporating black, it is crucial to ensure these disparate elements fit the aesthetic of your space.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the black!

Hopefully, these ideas for interior design using black have given you a great place to start on this design journey. It is so important to experiment in your home, don’t be afraid to try new things too – you can always change things up again if you don’t like it. If you always admire other people’s homes and think that yours could never look that good, it definitely can if you know what you want and you go after it! Take the time to plan our your black home decor so that you get it exactly the way you want. You can implement many of the tips mentioned yourself, but when in doubt, you can hire a professional for all your modern home decor needs.