New homeowners may be frustrated to find the expensive costs related to their house do not end after closing. Following years of ownership have the likelihood for expensive upkeeps to be needed in order to preserve your investment. Many repairs can be avoided if preventative maintenance is employed, but others may be unavoidable.

Apart from proactive home

maintenance, homeowner’s insurance will be a godsend by assisting with the costs of many repairs. Unfortunately, even that will not be able to be used to cover every repair that arises. Insurance companies need to make a profit, after all, so they avoid paying out claims as much as they can.

Policy holders often do not realize every claim on their plan may lead to the raising of their premiums. So how do you know when to make a claim, or if you should pay out of pocket for the repair? There are a number of simple guidelines to learn which will help you make your decision.

Check out the infographic to find out more on how to best take care of your investment.