If you are craving an refresh for your home, an updated kitchen can do the trick to satisfy your craving for a fresh, new look. The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is where you and your family spend the most time together and where guests will end up congregating. The space should be inviting and relaxing but it also can deliver your own personal style that you want your home to reflect. Even if you are looking to build a home or looking for Calgary Homes for Sale, a new kitchen can make your decision that much easier.

An all-white kitchen will always be a classic, but you shouldn’t be afraid to add some color to the space. The paint color of your walls will set the tone of your space and show your personality whether you want a whimsical space or a rustic, cozy spot to curl up and drink your morning coffee.

If you can’t commit to painting your whole kitchen, you can paint your kitchen cabinets. You may want to lighten up your dark wood to lighten up your space or take white cabinets and make them a deep, saturated hue that will help create a warm light to the space or you can even paint them a bright color to add a punch of personality. Changing up your cabinets will instantly transform your kitchen, you can even look up ways to use wallpaper on them as well.

You can choose to paint your kitchen a warm gray which pairs nicely with copper cookware. It also gives you a chance to add colors into your kitchen in the form of cabinets or accessories since gray is neutral and will match everything. Other neutral colors include a soft taupe which will add a warm swathe of color that will pair well with wooden cabinets. If your kitchen is mainly cabinets and only has a small amount of wall space, you can even go with a deep black paint. Cabinets will blend into the wall and the space that is seen can be painted a bright color to offset the black. You can also offset the dark statement color with brass hardware and lighting.

If you want to go the opposite of neutral colors, you can choose a bright, calming blue for your shelves and walls which will lend to more cohesion to the space. You can pair that with some sunny yellow accents or you can choose the yellow color for your kitchen island by having the rest of your kitchen be a lighter blue or white color. A nice soothing green that has some gray in it as well is a nice change from the ordinary. It can feel traditional but will your kitchen a unique feel.

Adding color to your kitchen is just a great way to change things up in your home with just paint and a brush and no construction or renovation. Past kitchens have seen rotations of bluish grays, whites, deep greens and grays, but as we said, now people are painting their cabinets which is a great trend because it is easy to change out when you are ready for something new. So get your paintbrush ready and let your creative thoughts roll onto the walls.