Rebuilding your hdb kitchen cabinets can be a key expense when you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen. In fact, this may end up accounting for 40% of your budget of renovating a kitchen.  This is because the kitchen cabinets affect the kitchen design and these don’t come cheap. With so much pressure on the design and the cost, many homeowners are choosing to repaint their cabinets.  While companies like SGPaint Xpert can help you with the painting, it’s better to first find out why is it a good idea and what you can do to revive your kitchen cabinets.

#1. Refurbish your old cabinets

If you got cabinets that are sturdy, square and plumb, a good idea would be to refinish or repaint them. In order to achieve this, it is advisable to hire a professional painter to repaint instead of repaint hdb kitchen cabinets in Singapore. There are several reasons why you need to refurbish your home.

#2. A fresh look

Probably you are looking at your cabinets and they are old, faded and worn-out. They may be peeling off or they might never have matched your entire kitchen. It could be that probably you just need a change of scenery. By painting your cabinets, you will make your kitchen look new without having to spend a lot of money.

#3. Economical

New cabinets can be quite expensive and it can take between 3 to 6 weeks to demolish and rebuild them. However, refining can cost around half of what would have cost the entire re-installation process. There are even chances that the cabinets are in good conditions but the doors are the ones that need refurbishment. This means that there is no reason to rip out cabinets that are fairly good to reinstall new ones. This is on top of the fact that after removing cabinets, you will have to pay extra cost of installing new countertops and probably asking a plumber to install another sink. Therefore, unless your cabinets are in very bad conditions or you need to redesign your entire kitchen, there is no need to reinstall new cabinets.

#4. A faster rate of completion

If you don’t want to wait for the completion of a new project, you will see why it can get pretty smooth to refinish your cabinets. This is different from renovating your entire kitchen via a major renovation. With the right team, refinishing will take as little as 2 to 3 days. This timeline can especially be good if you don’t have enough time and would like your kitchen refinished before the family come home.

#5. Environmentally-friendly

There are families that are looking for a way of reducing their carbon footprint. One of the best ways of doing that is by using the 3Rs: Reduce, reuse & recycle. By demolishing your cabinets, you will only serve to contribute to the accumulation of waste. You can think of all the trees that you will save by remaining with what you already have.

#6. Wide range of options

One of the biggest benefits of refinishing the kitchen cabinet is that wide range of options that are available. Many manufacturers of cabinets nowadays don’t have a lot of options. This is unless you are ready to pay a premium price for a custom made cabinet. When you refinish your cabinet, you will have a lot of options without having to spend a lot of money.

#7. Help increase the value of your home

When planning to sell your home in future, you can add to its value by painting the kitchen cabinets. All real estate professionals universally agree that the kitchen is one of the key selling points for a home.  When prospective buyers come to view your home, the first place they enter is the kitchen. There are also many people who consider the substantial kitchen remodels as they prepare to the sell the home. However, when you do little things such as painting the kitchen cabinets, your kitchen will appear far much nicer and therefore, increasing the value of your home.