There is no doubt that hotels, inns, and homestays prefer to provide customers with fresh, invigorating and cozy towels during their visits. It is a virtue of modern technology that radiators of fire are replaced by heated towel dryers and racks. Heated towel rails and ladders are made with a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum or steel, copper and brass. Polished steel, lacquer as well as chrome plating can be ideal for styling, based on the room setting. It is a great addition to interior home decor options. Interestingly, if heated towel rails and ladders have high energy output, then it is extremely favorable to be used as a small radiator for the entire bathroom! It can work on both hot water and electricity, respectively in the winters and summers.

It is a very good choice for homes because it saves time, money and lets one access to a warm towel at an arm’s reach. It is comfortable, simple and pragmatic. Taking up almost negligible space, it is a unique addition to a lavatory. A rough towel, washed with fabric softeners, may damage sensitive skin. Warm towels effectively open pores, promote the growth of hair, relieve and soothe the skin.

Kinds of Towel Rails:

  • Combined Rail-Radiator – Hot water, if run through both the radiator as well as the rails, can be beneficial for constant use. It dries up the towels and prevents molds from accumulating there. The heated towel rails and ladders can be attached to wall studs for a combined functionality.
  • Electric Rails with Switch – Warmer rails are attached to the electrical system of your home, with a timer that can determine the number of hours one will use it for. This feature is under Total Digital Control mechanism. With the internal coils reaching up to 55 degrees Celsius, it can be installed 12 inches away from a source of water. Bowed rails can be useful in hanging thick bath sheets, while vertical supports are the most recommended options, bought maximum by all households.
  • Plug-in Rails – They are ideal to be installed at cottages and handy seasonally. They are directly connected to the electrical outlets and very useful at college dormitories for mass consumption.
  • Hydronic Heated Towel Rails and Ladders – Electricity warms a thick gel-fluid inside the hanging racks to warm and dry towels. The warmed gel flows along the horizontal bars, pushed by the pump inside the wall. They can operate throughout the year.
  • Overhead Racks – They can be beneficial for drying delicate lingerie, hand-washed and light-weighted items, attached to wall studs.

Guidelines To Buy The Best-Heated Towel Rails And Ladders:

  • They can be much diversified in terms of usage and versatility. They are not confined to a particular area of the household, thus, efficient at all kinds of moisture-prone spaces. Whether it is in the basement, halls, mudroom, laundry rooms or bedrooms, it is ideal at all times. Therefore, one should be aware of the type of rails and their patterns.
  • Temperature regulation is a key purpose of the ladders. It helps prevent dampening and resolves the energy-consumption problem up to 60% if Personal Temperature Selection is enabled.
  • The towel rails are extremely mobile and freestyle. Stylish and beautiful designs can be chosen from numerous options.
  • One should consult an expert on the installation procedures for optimum benefits.
  • Make sure there are provisions on rapid and direct intelligence heating, under Dry Element Technology (DET) that prevents leakage, ensures 100% regulation and is free of maintenance.
  • Both left and right-hand connections should be there.
  • One should check the ratings, service, reviews and the reputation of the brand.