Are you in the process of planning your next home improvement project? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In the think blog post, we will be taking you through some of the latest and greatest ways you can use timber in and around your household.

So why use timber for your next home improvement project? Timber is easily one of the most bright and vibrant types of wood available to us. This makes it absolutely perfect to use when brightening up the darkest of rooms within the family home. This means you can transform a once dull and unused room within the home into the families favourite room to relax in, all with just one day of hard work. Go on give it a go! I’m sure you won’t regret it. 

Build A Grand Dining Table

Definitely a home improvement project for a someone with more experience with woodwork. A timber dining table may just be what your home is missing, image a beautiful dining table for the whole family to come together after a long day at work/school. A timber dining table not only gives you somewhere to spend some quality time with the family but it also becomes a great project for everyone to get involved with. Kids can work on the sanding while you do the rest of the hard work.  

Fresh Counters For Your Kitchen

Over the years the counters within our kitchen receive all sorts of wear and tear. Whether this is in the form of cut marks or the odd burnt spot, were all left dreaming about that spotless counter surface that we fell in love with on the day of purchase. By replacing your old and damaged counters with a beautiful timber surface you will be giving your kitchen that bright rustic appearance that you have always dreamt about. 

Feature Wall For The Living Room 

One of the most popular interior design trends is the one and only feature wall. Commonly this is done by painting one of the walls a different colour to the rest creating an outspoken appearance which simply looks amazing. A unique take on this is to use timber cladding as the feature wall. The timber feature wall will create a log cabin appearance within your living space, perfect for those rainy movie days.  

Beautiful Bookshelf 

What better place to store all of your favourite books that within a handmade bookshelf crafted out of the finest timber. This home improvement project is a lot more simple when it comes to the actual construction as its just four pieces of wood connected with joints. This display of books will add some real character to your home and will definitely act as a conversation piece for those who come to visit. 

The Traditional Coffee Table 

Who doesn’t like a proper coffee table within their living room? Well, I know that I do! This DIY project can be kept nice and simple as you can choose how large or small the coffee table will be. Additionally, by pairing the coffee table with some beautiful wooden coasters you will be able to create that proper authentic look that you would expect with a homemade coffee table. 

Stunning Garden Getaway 

One of my absolute favourite DIY project that you can complete using timber is a lovely garden hideout. By creating your own garden shed you can decorate it to become a hangout for both you and the family to enjoy spending time in. Additionally, this space can be connected to the rest of the home so you still have power for those hangout essentials, why not make your own secrete home cinema set up? 

Now you have an abundance of home improvement project ideas to choose from, the only step next is to decide on the project and head on down to your local timber merchant to grab the supplies. If your looking for timber supplies in Newcastle make sure you search online for a builder merchant and find the option which is both close to home and offer the materials you need to get the job done.