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There are lots of  HVAC service companies to choose from. The question is, how are we able to choose the right HVAC service provider. HVAC companies have different deals and offers, attractive discounts and additional services, however, you need to know if these companies are trustworthy, reputable and licensed to operate. It is crucial to do your research first to ensure you get the best possible HVAC service provider.

We, at Sem’s Duct Cleaning, with over 30 years in the HVAC industry, are here to present to you some of the reasons on why you should consider us to help you with your air duct cleaning and HVAC services.

1.License and Insurance

If you are looking for an HVAC service provider, the first thing you should know is if the company is licensed to operate and insured. Having a license is an indication that the company is following the rules and is permitted to be in operation. Do not acquire services from unlicensed or unauthorized companies and non certified HVAC technicians. Check their documents to see its legality. Low rates deals and offers are attractive but you need to be careful with scams. There are a lot of illegal service providers out there.

HVAC company insurance policies are also important to consider. See if they offer reimbursement or if they are willing to come back in case of damages during installing, cleaning, maintenance or parts replacements procedures.


Experience is a big factor in considering an HVAC company. As a building or home owner, you should look into the experience of the company. Businesses with long years of experience don’t guarantee an excellent job, but it indicates that the company has been doing these for a long time. An HVAC company with a bad job and reputation wouldn’t last long, right?

If in doubt of the job, you can always ask for the type of training programs they undergo. You can also ask if they have certifications. Organization certificates can guarantee an HVAC technicians education and training programs

3.References, Referrals and Reviews

You can always ask friends, co-workers, neighbors or local organizations for references, referrals and reviews for a good HVAC company they approved of. Sometimes, their experiences say it all, whether good or bad. Conduct a research on service providers referred to you to know more.

Reviews and ratings also help. You can find written reviews on the services to previous clients to see which companies are positively reviewed more or having high ratings. These contribute to your decision making. Although some companies’ reviews and ratings are inaccurate, you still need to evaluate whether it’s true or not. In any case, it’s just a small portion when it comes to legit reviews from clients.

4.Home/Building Evaluation

A comprehensive home/building evaluation should be provided by an HVAC company if you are having your HVAC system installed to determine the best heating and cooling solutions. After a full inspection, the HVAC technicians will assess what type or size of HVAC unit will be needed. Air duct system and insulation will also be evaluated to find the best fit. This is necessary so that the contractor can plan the right installation process. To find the right contractor for the job, the company should be willing to invest the time, energy and gas in order to properly inspect the house and provide  written estimates in person. But in today’s technology, highly experienced and expert HVAC technicians can give you pretty accurate assessments even without going to the sites.

5.The Bidding Process

This part is a bit tricky. During the bidding process, your goal is to get the lowest bidder possible to work for you as an HVAC contractor. The thing is, not all companies with low offers provide the most efficient outcome. You might end up paying more than what was agreed. It is more important to focus on what a company can provide more than the competitors along with a reasonable quotation. Acquiring the service of lowest rate bidders might cause more inconvenience for having a dysfunctional HVAC system or you might end up spending more on maintenance, repairs and replacements.

There are a lot of reputable HVAC companies out there that are highly experienced and are considered experts in the HVAC industry. All you need to do is find them. It might take a lot of time to search for the right HVAC company. It is necessary so you’ll have a very good result and it will be worth it. We, at Sem’s Duct Cleaning, are with you in giving you tips and advice. You may search our reputable company anytime. We will also be more than happy to help whenever you need our services.