Who thought that this traditional yet scientific way of decor found in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, and China will still be viable in the 21st century? Much later during the 1700s, window blinds gained popularity as Venetian ones throughout France and England. Over the years, they travelled across different lands, and their functions and style were developed accordingly. They served as a means to protect and control the interiors of a house from the sun, wind and dust. The working mechanism comprises either horizontal or vertical slats which are fastened together by cords and run through the blind slats.

Types of Materials Used for Their Construction

  • Fabric: In a fabric-based window blind, there are either small horizontal slats that can be rolled up with the help of a thin cord or less structured ones with the elimination of horizontal slats.
  • Rollers: These blinds are mounted on a metal headrail and are steered with a spring mechanism or sidechain. These are custom made in translucent, block out and sunscreen options.
  • Wood: Wood is a popular material often used for making Venetian versions. With the help of corded pulleys, the horizontal wood slats are operated to reveal the view, or simply it can be angled to allow some light to travel inside.
  • Pinoleum: These are comprised of small wooden twigs which can be operated with the help of vertical threads.
  • Faux Wood: Made from composite man-made and natural wood material, these can also be a good option. The prices are much economical, though the working mechanism is similar to that of wooden ones.

Their Functionality

1. Temperature Control: If you cannot afford temperature controlling devices like air-conditioning and heaters, then probably window blinds can be the best alternative. They shield the heat in summer and insulate the house in winter, but some are specially designed with a temperature control mechanism to safeguard your house against the adverse climatic conditions.

2. Manage the Level of Light: The most common use of window blinds is to manage the level of light entering into your house. Your home and the furniture need adequate lighting to create an effect of space. Besides, it also provides a comfortable ambience to carry out your regular work. The presence of strong sunlight can damage both the shades of your walls and furniture; however, this can be controlled with the help of these accessories.

3. Add an Element of Beauty: They add an element of beauty with their vintage and aesthetic appeal. They can be tailor-made with a wide variety of patterns, styles and colours that can complement the overall decor of your house. Several types like roman, mini, vertical, cordless, etc., can be chosen, which provides a reliable option for homes having little children and pets.

4. Ensure Privacy: In the ancient civilizations, blinds were a popular means to ensure that privacy is maintained. Till date, they serve this objective of maintaining an extra layer of security. There is no need to peek outside the window as it can be done by simply pulling and twisting the cords to get the view. It gives a sense of privacy as no one gets to see what’s happening inside by protecting from the prying eyes of the intruders.

5. Easy to Maintain: They are also economical in terms of maintenance. A swift wipe with a moist cloth is enough to get rid of the accumulated dust. Moreover, there are many cleaning solutions available in the market. Additionally, if you opt for ones made of wood or aluminium, then they can be maintained for a long time.

6. Cost-Effective: As mentioned earlier, they can be extremely efficient in controlling the temperature. Not only you save money on installing them as against other devices like air-conditioning and heaters, but there is also no need to incur extra money on the utility bills.

If you are planning to decorate your house, you can incorporate any of these window blinds along with your curtains. They are manufactured in different sizes and specifications and are perfect accessories for all types of windows. The utility of this product is manifold. So, to get more details, you can check your nearest furniture store.