1. Plants in pretty planters

Plants are an essential accent in your home for a number of reasons. They look great, they add life to a space and they play an important role in keeping the air you breathe, fresher. Plants reduce toxins, improving air quality, while also helping to create a pleasant environment. They offer several health benefits, from lowering your stress level to being energizing as well as promoting a good night’s sleep. As an added bonus, they bring a room alive, especially when displayed in gorgeous pots and planters. Add plants to a kitchen window sill, bedside table and bathroom vanity.

2. Captivating vases

Vases are the ultimate decorative accessory. They can dress up any room with color, texture and style. Whether you display a vase holding a single daisy on a dressing table in the bedroom or a gorgeous bouquet of roses offer a striking centerpiece on a dining table,
vases elevate your home décor. Display a floor vase in an entryway or use two in the corner of a stairway landing. Line a mantel with a row of tall, slender vases that offer stunning glass accents or use them as acrylic accents on an office shelf. Vases with bold geometric shapes and unique textures can be conversation pieces displayed empty or holding flowers.  Vases are an inexpensive accessory when you want to add an elegant touch to any room.

3. Candles & Candleholders

Decorating with candle holders is an easy way to add instant elegance and a finishing touch to a space.  Use beautifully colored glass holders as decorative accents on a shelf, bookcase, table or dresser. A row of candle holders in various heights can make a stunning statement on a fireplace mantel or grouped as a vignette on a dining room console. A sophisticated candleholder on the side of a soaker tub is an invitation to relax in a bubble bath and let the worries of the world slip away.

There are candle holders to suit every style—organic textures for the eco-friendly decorator, vibrant glass for the art lover, sleek metal for the minimalist or crystal for those who are more traditional. Whether your candle holders contain scented candles or flickering tealights, a candle improves a room’s ambiance.

4. Chic gold side table

Nothing says ‘luxury’ like a gold metal side table. Multipurpose side tables are a popular décor trend and they don’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. That’s fabulous news since many accent tables can be used bedside to hold essentials, as a bar cart or as your own personal library. Glamorous metal side tables are a stunning way to elevate a living room while taking your hosting skills up a notch. Use the top to hold a bottle of wine or your favorite spirits, glassware and bowls filled with garnishes. Don’t forget cocktail hour snacks like nuts and pretzels. In a bedroom, a magnificent side table can store your favorite books beside a reading chair or hold plants on a porch or patio.

5. Fabulous faux fur

Make your home cozy and inviting by adding plush fabrics to your décor, such as mohair, shearling and buttery-soft leather. Add a luxurious faux sheepskin rug at the side of a bed for the softest landing spot your feet will ever encounter, or use it as a seat cover on a bedroom chair. Luxurious faux furs can add warmth and beauty across a guest bed, on the floor of a nursery or gracing the back of a living room sofa.

6. A themed collection

A small collection of decorative accents with a common theme creates a harmonious look and gives a space a cohesive feel. A grouping of porcelain cacti, pineapples or sleek silhouettes is aesthetically pleasing, starts conversations and adds elegance to a home or office. Keep collections to a minimum in each room so that your display becomes an art installation (too many collections will make your room appear cluttered.)

7. Beautiful bookends

The books you display say a lot about you. They’re a reflection of your personal interests and beliefs. Display your favorite books using stylish bookends to give them prominence. Versatile bookends that also act as décor make great accents for shelves and desk tops. Choose bookends that complement your color scheme or use them to enhance existing patterns on your furniture, area rug or artwork. When using bookends as decorative accents, the possibilities are endless.

8. Handcrafted baskets

If you’re searching for the perfect accent home décor, baskets are a smart choice. They provide a decorative touch while also offering a stylish storage solution. Use them in a hallway closet on a shelf to hold extra clothing or have them on full display storing throws beside the sofa. They beautify every inch of your home and are a practical decorative accent for keeping clutter to a minimum. Handcrafted baskets offer various levels of texture, pattern and color. They have an organic look and feel that adds warmth to your home. Use baskets to hold towels in the bathroom, stationery supplies in the office or catch the latest trend and use a large rattan basket to hold a potted olive tree indoors or out.

9. Textured, patterned or solid pillows

Throw pillows of any kind are the ideal finishing touch on a bed, sofa or chair. Using a group of pillows in an odd number (3 or 5) is a rule that most designers tend to stick to. Try using 3-5 pillows on your bed or 3 pillows on each end of your sofa. A single pillow on a reading chair is stylish as well as inviting. Throw pillows are wonderful when you want to give a room a quick refresh without spending a lot of money.

Decorating is so much easier and affordable when you use accessories to bring an entire room together.  A home without decorative accents is like a cake without frosting—it’s just not complete until it’s topped with the finishing touches. Discover the latest décor trends and shop for decorative accents that give you joy.  Turn your house into the home sweet home it is meant to be with accents that showcase your style and reflect the personalities of those who live there.