Want to DIY your bathroom? The Internet might be full of a plethora of websites providing tips to overhaul your bathroom. But do they all qualify to enter the DIY list? Trying to implement some of the bathroom renovation tips yourself can leave you bushwhacked, and most of the times nowhere in your quest to own the best bathroom. We have prepared a list of the most common bathroom renovations and things that you must take care of.

Choosing Mirrors After The Bathroom Renovation

Mirrors can make your bathroom look big, no doubt! It’s natural for you to stock up mirrors on your bathroom wall after you have completed the tiling in your bathroom.

What happens if you get one or more mirrors at the wrong place? Or what happens if you fix a horizontal mirror in place of a vertical mirror? Unfortunately, you must wait for the next renovation.

What to do?

Consult an interior designer for more help.

Installing Lights For A Serene Atmosphere

You might be out shopping for lights completely oblivious of the fact that the lights you are buying will only ruin your bathroom atmosphere. Stuffing your bathroom with lights will only give a bulky feel to it. Do you want your guests whining about “too much” lights in the bathroom?

What to do?

  • Keep it overhead. Lightings on the wall are too lowkey for bathrooms aimed at being the best. Instead, go for overhead lighting. These are the talk of the town right now!
  • Choose the ambient options carefully. The lights you select must not keep the ambience too soft or too hard.

Ventilating The Newly Renovated Bathroom

Ventilation is an important aspect in any bathroom. Most bathroom renovations ignore this aspect and end up in ruining the feel and looks of it. The expensive upgrades you just made to your bathroom must remain intact, and ignoring its ventilation is quite contrary to this idea.

What to do?

  • Look for a system which allows you to set the timer for fans that you install for ventilation.
  • Leave room for ventilation while installing shower panels, as this gives ample space for circulation of air inside the bathroom.

Getting Bathroom Ware That’s Inviting

Who doesn’t want sinks and taps that steal a flattering description or two? You must go for the best bathroom ware that can really alleviate your mood. There’s no denying that experimenting is the key, but the experiments you do must be satisfying and in sync with the latest trends.

Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid monotonous textured sinks and go for the ones that feel calming to your eyes.
  • Look for options online and land for the most stylish faucets, showers, and sinks to enhance your bathroom renovation.
  • The most affordable option will be to buy all the bathroom ware from the best dealer in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or whichever city you are living in. You can search for the best bathroom ware provider on the web and carry forward your task of completing the bathroom renovation.

Implementing minimalism in bathroom renovation

A minimalist design is what most people are going with nowadays. You can find various tips to implement a minimalist design on the internet. Here are some tips to make your job easier:

  • Avoid elements that make your bathroom complex. Works like mouldings and curves on the walls are useless most of the time, and they tend to burn a hole in your pocket too.
  • Consult your interior designer or builder for more insights on how you can make your bathroom simple.


To sum up,

You can make your bathroom feel simplistic or dull – it all depends on the way you carry out your bathroom renovation. The tips are sure to bless you with a bathroom that’s successful and perfect in all aspects.