Are you looking to upgrade your garden? Perhaps you want to plant a new tree or wish to redesign the entire area. Topsoil should always be a part of your garden plans, no matter what work you are planning to do. Particularly for new homeowners or those who are just new to gardening generally you will want to know exactly what you are getting when you purchase topsoil and why you are purchasing it in the first place

#1. Organise Your Garden

A messy garden does no one any good! When the time is right make a clear plan of what you are going to do to get your garden tidied up and looking great. You will need to plan out when you are purchasing resources, such as topsoil, and also when you plan to lay everything down. You may come across some issues with the weather or stock not being available at some point, so be sure to have a backup plan.

#2. Nutrition for Your Plants

The main benefit and purpose of topsoil is to provide your plants and grass with key nutrients. The ingredients included in most common garden soils include potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium. All of these ingredients help to promote growth and each specific type of topsoil has its own additional benefits on top of this, which is why you can usually choose from a selection, depending on the company you buy from.

#3. Maintain Your Lawn

There’s nothing worse than spending all the time and money on a new lawn only for it to be wrecked by the weather, insects and animals. Topsoil helps to even out your lawn which not only stops the ground from freezing it also prevents animals from digging holes and generally making a mess of your garden. Vital nutrients from the topsoil will help your plants and lawn survive but always keep an eye on your garden during the year, in case of any disturbances.

#4. When is Best to Lay My Topsoil?

The perfect time to lay topsoil is in the Spring time however you can get away with it any time of year, as long as it is not too cold or if there is extreme weather. Spring is ideal as it gives the plants and grass plenty of time to sprout and grow before it gets too cold.

You should also always ensure the area is clear before laying any topsoil. You will usually find weeds and debris within the ground which needs to be cleared to enable the topsoil to be laid down properly.

#5. Wide Variety of Options

No matter what you require for your garden, there are many options to choose from when it comes to topsoil, including many different subsoils.

If you are looking for Topsoil in South Wales then consider contacting your local topsoil company. They will have all the knowledge and experience needed to help you choose the best topsoil for your garden and ensure your plants grow to their full potential. For more gardening tips, check out the rest of the fantastic articles on our gardening blog!