Whether you are moving to a new home and you are just starting to redecorate or your kitchen needs a fresh look, there are a few things that you must plan just right including the flow of the space, the position of all your appliances, and the work surface. You certainly want everything to be in the most convenient location so that it is always easy to use the kitchen.

Wesley Ward, Head of Marketing at Hausera told us that based on their 2019 consumer survey, “64% of homeowners said they plan to renovate kitchens, bathrooms or/and laundry rooms in the next two years.”

So, if you have no idea where to get started with your kitchen design project, here are 5 pro tips for a dream kitchen:

1. Make it big

One of the most essential aspects that makes a kitchen a convenient space is its size. If you have a small kitchen, where all the appliances are stuffed, it is very unlikely that the cooking experience will be a pleasant one for you. Plus, an overly crowded room tends to look messy and even smaller than it is.

So, when you are planning to design your dream kitchen, make sure you make it spacious. if you are just moving to a newly built house, it is easy to just choose one of the most spacious rooms to set up the kitchen. However, if you have to manage with your old kitchen, you can, for example, take down the wall between your kitchen and your dining room to create an open space.

2. Add a kitchen island

The kitchen is the heart of any home. it is the area of the house where all families gather to cook, eat, and spend time together. So, it is essential that you add seating where you and your family can enjoy your time together.

A kitchen island is also extremely convenient for your cooking experience. Instead of taking everything including plates, pots, or cutlery in the dining room, you can simply set up the table on the kitchen island and have your meal there. Plus, it is a great kitchen feature when you are the host of a home party.

3. Plan the layout wisely

Planning the layout of the kitchen wisely is all about making it convenient for you. consider the appliances you will use more often such as the fridge, the cooker, or your microwave and place them close to each other so that it is easy for you to cook. Also, the placement of the kitchen sink is very important to be able to match with the overall kitchen space and to maximize the use of the kitchen when you are cooking or washing dishes.

4. Choose the colors wisely

Choosing the right colors for your kitchen is another essential aspect that will highly influence the final results. According to the best interior design experts, the size of the room should be the most important factor in your choice. For example, if you have a small kitchen, you certainly should go for light colors such as white or a warm tone of beige. Whereas, if you have a large kitchen, you can choose darker tones too. Depending on the colors you choose, your kitchen will look spacious and welcoming at the same time.

5. Add good lighting

The kitchen is the area of your home where you should invest the most in the lighting options. Since you are doing a lot of house chores in the kitchen including cooking, washing dishes, or even having dinner, the room needs to have good lighting. You can opt for big windows which will allow natural light to come inside. However, you also need good lighting options for the times when the sun goes down.

The design of your kitchen is highly important for the overall cooking experience you have. So, use these tips to create your dream kitchen.