Today we have put together a guide to help you prepare your garage door for the winter months. If you follow our tips we will help you to increase the chances of your garage door operating all through the winter.


The first thing you need to do is simply observe your garage door opening and closing so you can get a look at the cables, springs and rollers in action. You will be able to hear and see any problems. Look for any jerking actions, any grinding or scraping noises. If you do notice something wrong then it is important to get in contact with a professional immediately.

Keeping It Clean

You should also consider keeping your garage clean. Not only will it make a fantastic first impression but it will also play a huge role in keeping your home safe and secure. Wooden doors will always need to be checked for any water damage as this could cause rotting. You need to ensure that you clean your tracks to keep the door functioning properly.


You will also need to keep your garage door well lubricated, we recommend doing this twice a year or if you give a professional a call they can do this for you. Lubricating your garage door can add years to the local garage door specialist. You need to add a thin layer of lubricant on all tracks, hinges, brushings and overhead springs. These are the parts that are most likely to stick during the colder months. Lubrication will help to make these parts move properly again. Avoid adding too much oil as this can build up and clog, which will reduce the effects of the lubrication.

Checking Once A Day

The easiest and most common problem to occur in winter with your garage door if the automation was to suddenly fail to open and close the door. Personally we would recommend opening and closing your garage door at least once a day to ensure that there are no issues.

Taking A Closer Look

If you are satisfied that the remote is working properly then this could suggest a deeper problem, this could be an issue with the motor, springs, track or more. In this case, you should always call a professional, as they will be able to sufficiently diagnose the problem.

Weather Sealant

If you have a weather seal on your door it is a good idea to check this before the weather takes a turn for the worse. If you do not have this installed we would highly recommend it especially if you live in an area where snow falls heavily in certain times of the year.

There is a huge range of rubber used for different door manufacturers, we would always suggest calling your local garage door professional to find the righ rubber for the door. This will help your door last you through the harsh winter weather.

Type of rubber available:

  • Silicone
  • Foam
  • EPDM Rubber

Door Balance

If your garage door is not balanced properly then your door opener will need to work a lot harder and the overall mechanism won’t last as long. If your garage door is not balanced then the fault could lie with the springs. You need to check the garage door is level with the floor in the closed position, if you notice there is a difference you need to again call the professionals.


Using some of the tips above will help your garage door in good working condition throughout the winter. A lot of these steps will only require not a lot of time, following these steps annually will help your garage door live longer. If you are unable to perform this task on your own, or you simply do not have the time to do it, the professionals can help.

Sarah Wirth works at Access Garage Doors as a marketing executive. Access Garage Doors provides the best garage door repairs in Cardiff.