We all know that operating in an unclean working environment does nothing for productivity. However, keeping a clean workspace is arguably more important when working in an environment such as an office, especially if it’s a communal space.. Knowing how to keep a clean and tidy office will go a long way towards preparing your mind for work rather than leisure and increasing your workplace output.

From simple tasks that are often overlooked to more intricate ways that take practice and extra effort, there are numerous ways of keeping your office space clean.

1.  Organize your desk

Although this may seem like an obvious point to make, the simple act of keeping your desk organized will go a long way towards keeping your overall office clean and in shape. As the desk is normally our first port of call during our working day, keeping square one clean has a positive knock-on effect on the rest of the environment.

Having an untidy desk not only makes the whole office look unclean and untidy, but it also gives the impression that you, as an employee, are untidy. This untidiness will be seen by your colleagues, and won’t leave a great first impression.. See your work desk as an extension of the impression you want to make.

2.  Archive paperwork

Although we now live and work in environments that are largely digital and paperless, our workspace offices can still sometimes rely on paperwork. This paperwork has its own way of getting in the way and causing a lot of clutter. It is therefore a great habit to get into filing paperwork away and archiving it until it is needed.

This simple method of archiving paperwork as it comes to you will save a huge amount of desk space and, in turn, will keep your office space clean and tidy – don’t be tempted to leave this until a huge pile mounts up. If you need to, consider investing in some folders, so you can easily find the information again. In a home office, they can also be used as decor, as they now come in a wide range of colours and styles.

3.  Clean surfaces you touch regularly

While working at a desk, it is easy to forget the number of different surfaces we are touching daily, from the individual keys on your computer, your mouse, your coffee cup and the door handle to your office. We are constantly touching our device’s surfaces, and as a result, there is excessive build-up of bacteria. If we refrain from wiping these surfaces, then a build-up can cause bacteria to flourish, and in turn, it can create health-related problems.

This tip will go a little further than simply tidying up your desk to impress your boss. Keeping surfaces free from germs and dirt will actually help stop the spread of harmful bacteria and keep your space genuinely clean as well as superficially tidy. It’s also reassuring that you are reducing the risk of picking up these bacteria in a communal office, which means you’re less likely to take any bugs home, a fact your colleagues will appreciate as well.

4.  Empty bins

We all know that end-of-the-day feeling; the clock shows us it’s time to go home, and there’s nothing that can stop us heading for the exit. Yet by rushing to leave, we often overlook the full bin in the corner of the office. Coming into work the following Monday, a full bin is there waiting to greet us, and the office instantly appears far more untidy (and it’s likely that it doesn’t smell great, either). Emptying the office bin on a regular basis is, therefore, a great habit to get into. Removing a bin full of waste will instantly reduce the untidiness of an office.

5.  Invest in air freshener

When it comes to a clean and tidy office, it is not only the physical mess that will affect the overall look, but other senses too. One of the biggest elements that affect our perception of a room is its smell. By keeping the office smelling fresh with an air freshener, you are able to elevate the room’s feeling of cleanliness and calm. As you and your colleagues walk in and out of your office, smelling that fresh smell will make you feel like someone has taken care of the space, and therefore you feel ready to work there.

However, it is also important not to go from one extreme to the other and spray too much air freshener. This can have the opposite effect and make the room smell overpowering and, as a result, unpleasant.

To sum up

As we can see from these five simple tips, keeping your office space clean can be an easy thing to do. Most of the time, the untidiness of an office can be reduced significantly by carrying out everyday jobs such as emptying bins, wiping surfaces and spraying some air freshener. The best way to enforce and carry out these tasks is to build a culture of routine and teamwork. It’s also worth considering getting an occasional deep clean of communal spaces to ensure a high level of hygiene.