If you have been keen on house improvement trends, you must have noted the rise of laminate flooring in Vancouver. However, are you well versed with the history of laminate flooring?

A surprising fact, the laminate is only three decades old,but it outdoes its older counterparts and ranks among the best flooring options in the market. The laminate was Invented by a Swedish company (Perstorp Company) in 1966 and sold by Pergo which remains a popular name for laminate floors.

However, the laminate boards as we know them now were not a reality until two European companies discovered the technology in 1996 and 1997.  Due to this, legal conflicts erupted between the Belgian companies and their Swedish counterpart. A testament to this, all laminate floors today are sold by either party.

Laminate flooring composition

Originally, laminate flooring comprised of scraped wood compresses using adhesives to create planks. Afterwards, the blocks were coated with a finishing of choice. Over time, the procedure has changed thus comprising of several layers that maximize the sturdiness of the floor. Also, the finish of laminate has been perfected making it almost impossible to differentiate it from wood.

Currently, the process involves an underlayment that curbs the hollow sound, therefore, giving you peace of mind. Also, the top layer of laminate boards features a coating that withstands frequent traffic without wearing out. This makes it better than hardwood flooring as it does not lose its appearance from scratching.

How laminate got common

Beforethe invention of laminate flooring, hardwood floors were the dream of every homeowner and the elixir to home improvement. However, with the coming of their laminate counterparts that were cheaper and still showcasing equal quality, the market gained interest in the laminate. However, the competition was not as stiff since the quality of the laminate was not as perfect as its wood counterparts.

In the early 2000s, the field introduced multiple colours thus bringing about freedom in house design. As a result, laminate picked in increasing home value and even became a go-to forthe renovation of home floors. Over time, newer shades were invented therefore making laminate flooring a well sought after flooring option.

Currently, laminate flooring benefits outnumber the disadvantages by far,andstill, improvement is being noticed. As a result, one can only picture a great future ahead for laminate floors.


Unlike other floors, laminate floors are easy to install all thanks to their interlocking design. Unlike other flooring materials, laminate floors need no professionalism to install thus the popularity of this as a DIY project.

However, to ensure you go about it right, consider searching on how to install laminate flooring hence achieving a look that your house guests will covet. Also, it is advisable to get the best laminate flooring for you as counterfeit boards may reduce the service of your boards, therefore, forcing you to incur expenses in getting new flooring.

It is only necessary to consult professionals of laminate flooring in Vancouverfor an easy time going about laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring today

Currently, laminate floors give their hardwood counterparts a run for their money and succeed in realizing the image of wood.  As such the answer to the question: what is the best flooring for a house? Would most likely be, laminate flooring.

Due to the keen attention to detail, it may be impossible foran untrained eye to tell between the two. Additionally, the benefits of laminate flooring are countless. These are inclusive but not limited to cheap pricing, durability and versatility. To get more insight on laminate flooring, it is of much benefit to see the pros and cons of laminate flooring.