When the green starts sprouting from every corner of the garden, your home décor craves pastel paints, floral accents and fresh patterns inspired by growth, bright colours and new energy. Look at these hottest spring decoration tips.

Tabletop garden

Create a refreshing nook of your room with a mini tabletop garden of potted plants. Use a tray table as you will be able to get it closer to window light. Add a faceted glass terrarium for plants that have similar light and watering needs, but are different in texture and colour to achieve a lush spring diorama.

Spring palette

A gallon of fresh paint is the easiest and the least expensive way of introducing the season of rebirth into your living space. Pick one of many springtime colours and paint an accent wall or the whole room. Improve the makeover by contrasting the newly painted wall with different window treatments, chairs or a light fixture.

Lush accents

A common clay birdbath can become a cradle of a living artwork. These baths are shallow enough to hold just enough soil for moss, flowering bulbs and pussy willow branches to thrive. You can place this miniature garden anywhere to enjoy a glimpse of the true spring garden that should blossom in a couple of weeks.

Flower artwork

Inexpensive flower prints in vivid colours can transform a blank space into an interesting conversation piece. You don’t need many supplies to make a collection of botanic prints for every room, so it blends in with the overall décor.

Blooming drapes

A pair of floral drapes can filter the morning light and provide an amazing complement to a vase of cut flowers on the dining table. Blossoming patterns mix well with pale colours of the rug and chair upholstery. Use curtain clips so you can replace the drapes easily as the season changes.

Play of patterns

Step out of the box of a basic living room by replacing the existing rug with a multi-colour mosaic wool runner rug. Alternatively, you can buy an inexpensive sisal rug and create outlines of geometric patterns with painter’s tape. Using interior latex paint, cover the shapes with a paintbrush or foam roller. 

Bottled spring

For this DIY artwork you need a box of food colouring and a bunch of small glass vases or recycled jars and bottles of interesting shapes. Fill these with water tinted to match the flowers that you will add later. If you go with white blooms like daisies or carnations, remember that their petals will suck in the colour of the water.  

Creative bulb planters

While they are waiting for their regular daffodil planting in the fall, these useful garden tools can dub as imaginative jar holders. Set up a small table and decorate it with bulb planters, each holding a small jar filled with water. Add half a dozen daffodil blooms and optionally two or three pussy willow twigs.

Delightful tea party

You can surely find a few pieces in your inherited china collection that no one has used for some time. These can become perfect small-time vases for delicate snowdrops, moss roses or lilies of the valley. Use florist frogs to keep their gentle stalks steady. Arrange groups of these as a centrepiece or put them at different places as accent pieces.

Edible bouquets

With this decorative piece, what’s in the water is as important as what grows above. Fill a large clear glass vase with distilled water and show off your home-grown scrubbed carrots and kohlrabi with their leaves attached. Large branches of cherry tomatoes will give it structure, while a silver-plated tray under the vase reflects the light upwards.

People have always looked to nature for artistic inspiration. The best thing with these spring decorating ideas is that almost all of them are DIY projects that cost near to nothing.