If you’re someone who loves change and gets bored with their surroundings easily, then this pandemic has probably been pretty rough, huh? After all, one can look at the same thing for so long before wanting to pack up and find a new house or tear it all down and start anew.

Well, buying a whole new house is probably not the best solution (although 92% of real estate agents polled in Homelight’s Q3 2020 survey say they’re experiencing a hot seller’s market), a home renovation project may be the way to go.

Here are four of the most popular reno projects homeowners are doing to stave off the restlessness the pandemic has brought.

1. Clearly defined rooms with… DOORS!

It wasn’t too long ago that everyone craved open floor plans (thanks Chip and Joanna Gaines)! They’re open and airy. They have a nice flow and it’s easier to socialize with other family members while you’re doing your own thing in the common areas. However, the pandemic has made open floor plans something people want to steer clear from. People want to be able to go somewhere quiet that isn’t their bedroom or bathroom.

Now, people are sectioning off these open floor plans to create defined rooms by erecting interior walls and installing doors. Just keep in mind that this isn’t going to be a DIY project and you’re going to want to hire a contractor so everything is done properly and up to code!

2. One or more home offices

Thanks to the virus, offices closed and employees who could work from home are. Even schools have closed or are in the process of reclosing because they’re trying to prevent the spread of the virus among staff and students. What this means is that a home office is a hot commodity and buyers and homeowners alike want to have at least one home office.

Now, a home office can be as simple as a desk in a room or it can be the office of your dreams with built-in furniture, bookcases on every wall, ample storage and organizational setups… You name it, you can have it.

Just remember to be realistic and design based on your needs. For example, if you only need a laptop, you may not need a huge desk with tons of storage. If you’re sharing the space with your kids, you’ll want to keep their school supplies in their own little area so they know exactly where their materials are for their lessons.

3. Patios, decks, and swimming pools

Ah… the great outdoors. There’s nothing like going outside to get some fresh air after a long day hunched over the computer. Even if you want to get some exercise, an outdoor living space like a patio, deck or pool are great features to have.

Some homes already have some form of outdoor space, be it a concrete slab for a patio, brick pavers, or something like that. Some homes even have a deck already! If you’re one of the lucky ones, you can spruce up these areas by giving it a good cleaning, repainting or staining, and adding some outdoor accessories or greenery to make it more cozy.

If you don’t have these features, a good contractor will be able to build them for you exactly how you’d like it to look – plus they’ll get the necessary permits so you’re on the up and up when you go to resell.

4. Private suites for loved ones

In-law suites are a great way to keep your elderly loved ones close while still giving them their privacy. These suites can be as simple as adding a bathroom onto an existing bedroom or you could go big and build them a whole new addition complete with a small living area, kitchen and bedroom and bathroom.

These renovation projects aren’t going to be very kind to your bank account – especially if you’re going all out. However, whatever you do spend on these projects will be worth it in the end, both in terms of value and quality of life. It’s a win-win!