Decorating a shared space is quite a task, and your only chance to personalize the rental. Most people prefer to find a roommate, and if you are one of them, you have been directed to the right place. While beautifying your home is all about creativity and personalization, decorating a shared space with a roommate involves communication and understanding.

We curated some tips and tricks for you to decorate your rental space with your roommate. In case you are looking for a roommate, use a trusted roommate finder to find a roommate in no time.

Here are five tips to decorate a shared space with your roommate.

1. Communicate and Plan

Communicate and plan the room decor. Image Source: Canva

Co-decorating can be fun when you and your roommate communicate about what they like and dislike. You need to plan the room design to avoid any conflicts. You may initiate a conversation about the room decor and decide on a theme or a palette that you both like. You may have to let go of some ideas, and that is no big deal.

2. Divide Sections

There is no point fighting for kitchen decor when you don’t cook. It is best if you and your roommate choose their territory in the rental and decorate it. For instance, if your roommate likes to cook, and you aren’t a big fan, you may let your roommate take over the kitchen decor. This way, you would just be left for common areas such as the living room.

3. Tone it down

Co-decorating would be easy if you choose a neutral color palette and a simple theme. Over-personalizing a rental is not the best idea as it may start to look monotonous over time. It would help you incorporate decorations that you both like. If you feel that a theme is too tacky and you out of inspiration, fret not as you can choose the city decor. For instance, if you live in a room for rent in Union City, you may use elements of the city to decorate your shared space.

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4. Don’t miss out on the bathroom decor.

Neutralize the bathroom decor. Image Source: Google Images

A shared bathroom needs to be decorated and arranged to optimize the storage for both the roommates. You may select a shower curtain, shower mat, and shelves or storage that you both mutually decide on and incorporate them in the bathroom. A shared bathroom might require some extra storage for more products. It is best to keep the bathroom decor in neutral color tones. Moreover, if you live in a room for rent in Union City, Oakland, San Francisco, or any other city which usually has houses with a standard sized bathroom structure, minimalism is the way to go!

5. Make the most of the bedroom.

The bedroom is your territory, and no one has a call in your room decor until you keep your bedroom neat and clean. You can use a wall decal or removable wallpaper to give an edge to the bare white walls. Wall decals are an excellent option for decorating the walls when you can’t paint them. You may also take up some DIY projects to beautify your room. If you live in a room for rent in Union City, which is quite cold, you may choose to add some warm elements to the bedroom to make the bedroom look cozy.

Co-decoration can be a daunting task, no matter how close you are with your roommate. Remember that you have to make compromises, but yes, don’t settle for less either. Ensure that you find a roommate from a trusted roommate finder to ensure your belongings’ safety.