Decorating is not as easy as it seems. Matching the right colours and furniture with suitable proportions to be aesthetically pleasing and functional is not always a cakewalk. Using wall stickers as a piece of furniture is very shrewd. They are easy to move to find the best location and thus accompany daily changes and satisfy tastes and needs that change over time. How do you find out which wall stickers suit your room best? Comparing all the proposals on sale is practically impossible but indispensable to be sure of finding the ideal wall stickers and the best materials.

How to choose the best wall sticker

Decorating is hard work but it surely is worthwhile, if you want to spend a pleasant and rewarding time in the environments where you live, at home or office. If there is the right colour on walls and stickers to choose from, the matter becomes even more complicated. Using wall stickers is a smart choice which allows you to give a touch of colour to the most monotonous rooms. With our guide, we offer some ideas to consider to be sure to make the choice that best suits your desires and needs wall stickers.

Important things to consider before buying wall stickers.


Wall decors are much like every other component of the furniture, as they have dimensions. The proportions formed by the sticker’s length and breadth fill space around the board. The first thing is to make sure the wall sticker fits precisely right on the wall. It shouldn’t be too little or too high but at an average eye level.


When buying a wall sticker, this is the most significant consideration. You ought to make sure the wall colour is compliant with the sticker design. Some colours repulse the sticker’s adhesive, letting it chip off. To ensure that the wall stickers stick well on the board, buy a small removable decal and check it out.

Time period

It isn’t a widespread issue, more unique to the individuals who have recently painted their walls. With anything, there’s still a change around time before it rolls off. A wall that has been finished recently could be damp, and if the wall is just marginally moist, the wall sticker will only come off. Until you paste the decal on the newly painted wall, the optimum time is 2 to 3 weeks.

Just in time

In case you buy it online, find the processing period for distribution. The shipping takes between 2-3 working days which will save the dust of the wall in the given the time frame. Ordering early though is a great option, but if you do so, make sure the decal isn’t spread around carelessly, it might ruin it.

How to stick on the wall?

Many companies offer great quality stickers with a good adhesive that adhere perfectly to the wall. The fearsome air bubbles that sometimes remain between vinyl and the wall are unsightly and in the long run, make the adhesive ruin and dirty. It is a good idea to have supported such as a stick or the like to ensure to exert homogeneous pressure over the entire surface and thus avoid trapped air.

The adhesives can usually be detached and reattached many times, being careful always to apply them on clean and non-crumbling surfaces. This makes it easier to correct any errors during fixing.