Concrete pumping isn’t usually a common service for most domestic home renovations, however, it’s something that can offer a wide array of benefits in particular circumstances. In this post, we’ll discuss a few uses of concrete pumping that’ll hopefully make your next DIY project a breeze! 

#1. Concrete Pumping for Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are quite common in modern-day construction since they’re used for everything from a home’s flooring to its foundations. Concrete slabs usually make up the flooring in commercial buildings but they can also be used in domestic settings too. They’re great for building level flooring for a garden shed, an outhouse or a garden room. Concrete slabs are usually pumped onto the subsoil to create a solid foundation/floor however they can be used with membranes for other uses. 

#2. Underfloor Heating

Concrete pumping is one of the only options to lay effective flooring in a home that makes use of underfloor heating. Homes that use traditional flooring with underfloor heating lose a lot of efficiencies since underfloor heating works best in a surrounded environment. This is why pumped flooring is the best method since it can fully encase and surround the underfloor heating piping. It also ensures that there aren’t any cold or hot spots since the heat will better dissipate through a solid floor. Modern types of screed can even act as complete flooring solutions, requiring little to no finishing to complete the floor. 

#3. Garage Flooring/Base

If you’re looking at building a bigger garage to store vehicles or to convert it into an extension, pouring concrete to form a new foundation/floor is easy to do! Concrete pumping is great for new garage floors and it’s something a lot of people choose to do. Using concrete pumps to lay a garage floor/base is much easier to work with and also a lot easier to level too. This ensures that you’re left with a well-finished floor that’s perfectly level. 

#4. Useful For Building Your Own Home

If you’re lucky (or unlucky depending on the person) enough to be building your own home, then concrete pumping is an amazing service to keep in mind. Concrete pumping is useful for an array of reasons, with the main one being flooring. Concrete floors might not be the go-to in terms of aesthetics but it can be a saviour depending on the type of construction you’re looking at. If nothing else, concrete pumping is a great solution for those that are looking to set their foundations. Not only is it quick, but it will also allow builders to pump concrete into hard to reach areas. This is called “restricted access” pumping and is useful if you need concrete poured into areas that are hard to access. For those looking for concrete in Cardiff, concrete pumping should be a definite consideration!

Concrete pumps are a valuable tool to have on any construction site, but we think it excels in the domestic market since it offers so many benefits to those that need to lay large amounts of concrete quickly. It’ll help save you time which in effect, saves money. Whether you’re working on a DIY project or an industrial development, concrete pumps can offer a wide range of huge benefits to your project.

We hope this article has helped to inform you on the benefits of concrete pumping in residential uses!