With an average person resting eight hours each night, you are likely to spend around 229,961 hours in your lifetime, a third of it, sleeping. If you’re spending that much time in your bedroom, you want it to be a relaxing place. But you don’t have to buy new furniture to up the calm level in your room — with a few DIY tips you can turn it into a mini-retreat. Some of these hot decor tips are taken from expert home stagers who know how to make a bedroom look its best to potential buyers.

Read on and get ready to enjoy your new sanctuary.

#1. Pick your colors

Nothing says calm more than a neutral color palette of blues, whites, greys, and beige. Neutral linens or walls also give you the freedom to add colorful accents. Consider painting your walls in a neutral color for an easy refresh.

#2. Style your bed

If you can’t remember the last time you bought a new bed frame or mattress, consider upgrading both for this bedroom focal point. You can also style your bed with a new comforter and fun accent pillows, a throw blanket, or by getting creative with these DIY headboards.

#3. Upgrade your linens

You might be surprised how fresh linens can make your room feel updated and contribute to a better night’s sleep. If you select crisp white sheets they can easily pair with any style of comforter.

#4. Be smart about furniture

If you want to buy new furniture, consider how you are using your space first. Do you have a bedside table that’s filled with books you’ve already read? Could you remove it and add a comfortable reading chair? Could you move your desk to another part of the house to make room for a bigger bed?

#5. Eliminate clutter

It’s easy for clutter to accumulate in the bedroom: dirty laundry, newspapers, coffee mugs. The most simple bedroom decor tip is to put things away and get rid of what you don’t need. To go the extra mile, follow the KonMari method of only keeping what sparks joy.

#6. Add storage

The furniture in your bedroom should be comfortable and stylish, but it can also be useful. Under-bed storage can replace a dresser in your room, either with a new bed or rolling drawers.

#7. Experience the great outdoors

Greenery can liven up your bedroom and also up the oxygen level in your space, purifying the air that you breathe while you are sleeping.

#8. Look up

When you’re revamping your bedroom, don’t overlook the ceiling. You can paint it a different color than your wall color, or if you have an overhead light, consider upgrading it with a flat ceiling lamp, or a pendant light.

#9. Let there be light

Lighting isn’t limited to the ceiling. Bedroom lighting should be soft, either with floor or bedside lighting, or by replacing your standard light bulbs for warmer tones.

#10. Add a personal touch

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home and that makes it an ideal spot to add framed photos or mementos from your travels.

However you upgrade your bedroom, don’t overlook the details of this space that is essential to your rest and well being.