Increase Curb Appeal

When you’re getting in the rhythm of updating and improving your living spaces, it’s easy to forget about the exterior — but it’s the first impression anyone has of your home. Curb appeal can either draw people in or turn them away, so you don’t want to ignore it. Below, consider some easy ways to spruce up and improve your property’s façade, from planting flowers to making repairs.

  1. Fix anything that’s broken. First things first, your home’s exterior elements need to be in working order. The fastest way to tell the world your home isn’t cared for is by ignoring obvious repair issues. Broken windows, discolored doors, rotting siding and/or missing lightbulbs all show that you’re letting things go — and make people wonder what else you’re neglecting. While some repairs are minor, some take a significant investment. If it improves the beauty and functionality of your home, though, it’s worth it. Not only do updates such as new windows, doors, lights and other exterior elements look good, but also they instantly up the value of your property.
  2. Power-wash the exterior. A grimy exterior is a major turn-off to anyone viewing your home. That’s why it’s a no-brainer to power-wash all that grit and mildew away. If you don’t own a power-washer, you can rent one from a local home-improvement store. Say goodbye to dingy siding and hello to a fresh, clean look.
  3. Refresh the color scheme. Painted houses tend to need reapplication every few years, so if yours is due for a refresh, why not inject personality with a new hue? Repainting your house can make it match your style, look more modern and make it more attractive to passers-by.
  4. Paint the front door. Your home’s entrance carries a lot of potential to boost or harm your curb appeal. Keeping your house architecture and neighborhood in mind, paint the front door a bold shade to draw attention to it and enhance the welcoming vibe of your property. When done well, this can be a game-changer for your home’s aesthetics.
  5. Redo the walkway. The path to the front door may be just as important as the door itself. Time-tested materials such as stone, brick pavers or limestone chips can do wonders for your wow factor.
  6. Plant pretty flowers. You don’t have to have a green thumb to benefit from the visual appeal of colorful flowers. Anybody can plant landscaping to enhance their curb appeal. Ask your local nursery about low-maintenance varieties you can put in your landscaping beds or front planters and enjoy the instant eye candy. Stumped about what colors to choose? A great strategy is to pick a color scheme of one or two main shades that coordinates with your house and fill your planters with them.
  7. Consider window boxes. If you have the right house style for them, window boxes offer a major charm factor. They dress up your windows and offer another place for plants. Just keep in mind that they’re require regular, even daily, watering, so you want them to be easy to access and you’ve got to commit to their care.
  8. Add a porch swing. Putting a swing on your porch instantly makes it look warm and welcoming, not to mention provides a great place for sitting outside. Also beneficial are any attractive porch furnishings, such as chairs, rockers and gliders.
  9. Accessorize intentionally. Finally, remember that little touches can go a long way in terms of curb appeal, too. Layered doormats, new and stylish house numbers, a pretty door wreath and a beautiful mailbox are all great ways to spruce up your property — not to mention perfect places to show your style.

When you’re looking to boost your property’s exterior appeal, you have so many possibilities. Use the nine ideas above to get inspired with how you want to invest in your home — and enjoy the pleasure of pulling up to a property you love day after day.

Author bio:

Mauricio Jaimes is CEO of Davis Window and Door — a one-stop solution for the perfect replacement, remodeling and new construction of windows and doors.