You might be ready to treat yourself to a gorgeous bathroom, but can you really spend $20,000 on a home improvement project like that? Relax, most of us don’t have that kind of money, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a cozy and stylish bathroom! If shoestring budget is all you have, here’s how to use your money the best way.

Refacing instead of replacing

No matter how well-built your bathroom cabinets and vanities are, in time, they will lose their appeal and start looking shabby. However, don’t throw them out right away and replace them with expensive furniture! Oftentimes, you can give your pieces a beautiful makeover with refacing or repainting. Another thing that will give your cabinets a new glow is ditching your old hardware and replacing it with something modern and chic.


Visit a thrift shop

If you’re planning any shopping on a shoestring budget, skip big stores and check out your local thrift stores instead. Usually, you can find amazing things from vintage vanities to interesting lighting pieces that will improve the appearance of your bathroom. And don’t be scared to think outside the box! Old furniture pieces can often be repurposed into vanities and reclaimed lumber can be utilized as an interesting alternative to your traditional backsplash!

Check your pipes

Before you tackle your floors, toilet and bath, it’s a good idea to handle functional problems. For instance, Sydney Water receives thousands of calls every day concerning blocked drains and faulty pipes which often result in huge expenses. But, even if you didn’t notice any issues now, pipe cracks can manifest themselves later and destroy your hard work. That’s why bathroom remodel is a perfect chance to inspect your plumbing and fix any possible problems. Luckily, most of the issues can be solved by contacting professionals in pipe relining from Sydney who can tackle your plumbing and rid you of your troubles in a day. This technique also causes minimal disruption which is amazing for your budget and renovation schedule!

Add a pop of color

Probably the cheapest way to breathe some new life into your bathroom is to grab some paint and splash fresh color on the walls. However, don’t think this home improvement will be easy! It will take a lot of time to paint around the windows, tub, sink, mirrors and floor! Unless you’re okay will paint blobs and leaks all over your bathroom, arm yourself with plenty of patience and painter’s tape. You can also save excess paint for little touchups! Store your can upside down to prevent any air from coming in and drying out your paint.


Pick the right tiles

Even though bathroom tiles are known to be super expensive, sometimes all you have left to do is ditch your old tiles for something new. Sure, large tiles with different patterns look great, but they will simply drain your budget in a heartbeat. Instead, you can opt for simple metro tiles that are cheap, charming and trendy. They fit with all bathroom styles and give any place a clean and put-together look!

Rethink your counters

Counters are one of the most important things in every bathroom, so no one will blame you if you opt for granite or other stone surfaces. They might be the most expensive, but if you visit a granite shop and ask for remnants, you’ll be able to strike a pretty good deal. If you want to go even cheaper, choose stone imitation in the form of tiles. Today they make them so well that it’s hard to notice any difference, plus their water-resistant properties are also amazing!

Add a few finishing touches

Most people just go to IKEA and buy all the accessories they need. However, there are much cheaper options if you keep your mind open! You can use old pipes as towel racks, make soap dispensers out of mason jars and even make your own 100-percent-natural bath mat!

After you give your bathroom a cost-effective facelift with these tips, you’ll even have enough money for a nice vacation from all the hustle and bustle of renovation!