What better way to spend gloomy fall days and prepare your home for the holidays than to embark on a little redecorating journey! Luckily, you don’t have to tear down any walls or break your bank to achieve a fresh and stylish look. Instead, take some inspiration from these amazing ideas and boost your home’s style quickly and easily.

Unique backsplash

One of the easiest and most effective ways to give your kitchen a fresh new look is to replace your old backsplash with something interesting and stylish. Custom mosaic backsplashes are where it’s at right now, so don’t be scared to mix different colors, materials and textures to achieve a unique look. Mosaics are especially perfect if you’re aiming to achieve a vibrant and even rustic vibe in your space. If you think outside the box and let your imagination fly high, you’ll end up with an amazing focal point in your kitchen!


Metal on metal

For a few years now, homeowners have been obsessed with either silver of gold, but this fall, you don’t have to take sides! Warm and cold metals learned to share the spotlight in interior design, which means you can mix and match them as much as you like. Cool metals such as silver, steel or nickel bring a modern aesthetic to your space, while warm types like gold, brass or bronze add a subtle touch of glamour. Mix them and you’ll create a unique look that has a sleek yet warm and inviting feel to it!

Plant some plants

Sure, plants have been used as a décor element for ages, but this year, you can try something a bit different. For instance, the search for “patterned plants” is up more than 500% on Pinterest and for all the right reasons! These plants will not only clean out your indoor air and fix your mood, but their patterned design will make a huge aesthetic difference in your home. Accompany them with some stylish, designer planters and voilà! You have a statement piece fit for any room!

Show the world you’re a traveler

If traveling is your passion, why not show the world those precious things you’ve collected on your adventures? The Global Nomad trend is perfect for all people who enjoy eclectic interior design and fusion of materials, cultures and styles. It’s especially popular in Melbourne and Sydney which are well-known melting pots of races, nationalities, religions and lifestyles.  So, learn from Aussies and opt for handmade pottery, knitted throws and artisan decoration. One word: make it vibrant and cozy! And, you don’t even have to buy new things. If you have an old, Eastern-style rug collecting dust at the attic, call the experts in carpet cleaning from Harrington Park and they’ll return your carpet to its original state. Did you see a beautiful Moroccan armchair at your local thrift shop that has seen some better days? A thorough cleaning will make it a perfect focal point in your globally inspired home!

Recreate a woodland retreat look

Since this fall is dominated by deep and dark hues of berries, bark and bramble, this is a perfect time to turn your home into a real woodland retreat! So, try to reflect the look of nature at night with plums, navy blues and darker grays and soften the look with a touch of lilac. Think lush throws, decorative pillows, wildflower arrangements and even rugs in these deep hues. Winter can’t come soon enough with this interior style!

Shed some light on it

If you want to brighten up these upcoming winter days, you might want to boost your lighting. There’s a huge chance that all you need to have to illuminate your living space is one overhead fixture, but that’s just not enough to create a well-lit home! Layer different types of lighting and you’ll not only have a more comfortable place, but also boost its functionality. Today, intricate hanging pendants and modern floor lamps are all the rage. They are perfect for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms and can serve as breathtaking statement pieces!

Once you style up your home with these design ideas, you’ll forget all about the fact that the summer is over. Fall and winter have never looked this fresh, stylish and aesthetically pleasing, no matter the ugly weather outside! Your interior will provide you with all the warmth and comfort you need!