Are you planning to move soon and own a pool table? Then you will need to think about how you are going to get that thing moved. There are good and bad ways to move a pool table. But skilled pool table movers know how to do the job. Below is more information about how these moving professionals do their work.

First, a good pool table mover knows that a pool table can weigh 1000 pounds. The weight and bulkiness makes them hard to move safely.

The pool mover will first gather the right moving supplies and materials. These items include a drill, screwdriver, wrench and lots of moving blankets. They also use a staple remover in most cases to take off the felt.

They also will put all pool table parts into bags and label them for ease of assembly later.

Second, the movers has the right truck to do the work. A regular pool table is up to 9-feet long. Depending on the size of yours, they will choose the appropriate sized truck for the perfect fit.

Third, the mover has a team of strong professionals to move the table. Most companies have four or five people move pool tables. They always wear appropriate workwear, including boots.

Fourth, the movers will carefully measure your doorways, staircases, and hallways. They need to ensure that the table can be moved out of your current home and into the new one. They also will protect doorways, floors and walls before they start the move.

Fifth, they will take apart your pool table, unless you want to save money and do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself, remember that a standard piece of pool table slate weighs about 450 pounds. You may want to have the professionals handle this.

Sixth, the movers will wrap all pool table parts in thick blankets and bubble wrap before moving anything. When the table is loaded into the truck, they are careful to protect the slate because it is so delicate and heavy. After the pool table is in the truck, they will drive with care to prevent delicate parts from shifting and breaking.

These are the ways that professional pool table movers will move your pool table. You can try to do it on your own, but you are better off for your safety and that of the table to have movers do it.