Ceramic finishes are becoming extremely popular in homes across the country due to their versatility and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Homeowners are more often choosing this material over natural stone, like marble, because of it of its availability in a variety of colors and styles.

Aleisha Marcinowski, an interior designer with San Francisco Design, has stated:

“People love the look of marble but do not want the fragility of marble. Ceramic finishes have really allowed our designers to capture the look of marble, but with the ease of maintenance the ceramic finishes bring.”

Why Homeowners Are Increasingly Choosing Ceramic Finishes

The latest design trend is to choose tile over other finishes, including marble, plain paint, carpet, and hardwood. The reasons homeowners choose tile vary but include durability, versatility and the numerous styles and design options available. Not to mention, tile is also a low maintenance material when compared to other surfaces and matches perfectly with modern home decor and contemporary furniture.

#1. Rated to Last Between 75 and 100 Years

Ceramic tile can outlive the surface it’s placed on, providing a minimum amount of maintenance is formed, like regular cleaning and sealing. If one tile becomes cracked or damaged, it can be removed and replaced, which means the entire tile surface doesn’t need to be removed.

#2. It Can Be Designed to Look Like Other Materials

Tile doesn’t have to look like tile. Advances in tile manufacturing mean that tile can mimic a variety of other surfaces, including slate, travertine, stone, and hardwood. Tile even makes an excellent marble alternative. Not to mention, the tiles can be purchased in different colors, with or without patterns, which means the only limitations to the design is the homeowner’s and designer’s imaginations.

#3. It Can be Installed Anywhere

Tile is exceptionally versatile and considered a viable modern home décor option. Designers use it on walls, floors, and countertops. Most homeowners choose to install tile in kitchens and bathrooms due to its ability to resist water, but it can also be used in dining rooms, family rooms, basements and even outside to give each surface a unique look, and it goes perfect inside home with contemporary furniture.

#4. Tile Is Easy to Maintain

Tile surfaces are incredibly easy to maintain. The daily maintenance routine merely involves wiping it down with a mild cleanser or mopping the floor. It’s also impervious to scuffing and scratches, which makes it great for homes with pets and children. Every one to two years, the grout and tile will need to be deep cleaned and resealed, but this is much less maintenance than other types of materials. For example, marble must be cleaned with non-abrasive cleansers and resealed every three to six months.

#5. Tile Is Water Resistant

Because of the way it is made, ceramic tile is inherently water resistant. Ceramic tile is composed of various types of clay that may contain pulverized rock, glass, marble, slate or a combination mixed with water. This blend results in a mixture that is about 30 percent liquid. At this stage, the moisture content is reduced to six percent. The tiles are then formed and pressed using about 100,000 pounds of pressure for every square inch. Makers then glazed and kiln fire the tile at about 2,372 degrees, which hardens it and makes it impervious to water infiltration. Tile’s water resistance is a key reason why most homeowners choose to use it in kitchens and bathrooms.

#6. Tile Does Not Contain VOCs or Allergens

Tiles are made out of natural materials, which means they do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and they are resistant to allergens, like dust, dirt, and pollen. For these reasons, homeowners who are prone to indoor allergy symptoms, allergic to dust mites, and who have one or more pets are more likely to pick tile.

#7. It Increases Home Value and Appeal

Installing tile increases a home’s value and appeal. An expertly installed tile surface does not need replacement, and individuals who may want to purchase the house in the future see tile as an advantage. Potential home buyers may be more eager to make an offer, especially if the tile is in the right places. Tile backsplashes in kitchens are easier to clean and more stain resistant than paint. Tile that looks like hardwood in main-floor rooms can be more appealing than carpet because it doesn’t collect dust and doesn’t need to be steam-cleaned every six to 12 months to remove ground-in filth and allergens.

If you are looking to update your home with modern home decor or looking for a durable marble alternative, ceramic tiles may be the right choice for you and your family. Tile is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, available in a wide range of finishes and styles and can be mixed and matched to give your home a completely custom look and feel.

Richard Overmyer a copywriter and outreach specialist for San Francisco Design, an interior design firm and luxury furniture retailer in Salt Lake City. He enjoys talking about the latest trends in interior design and is a big fan of shiplap. When not writing, you can find Richard in the mountains, looking for his next piece of inspiration.