When shopping for a mattress, you will be spoilt for choices because of the amazing varieties you will find in the market. They range from low to high-end models and from different brands. The good news is that you can always equip yourself with knowledge and ideas that help you to understand more about bed mattress.

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Different types of mattress bed

There are three major types of mattresses you can consider in your shopping. They include;

Foam mattress

This is one of the most favourite and popular types you will get today. It is widely used because it promotes a good sleep especially if you have back and joint pain. Polyurethane is used in designing this mattress and in other models; Latex can be used depending on the preferences of a manufacturer.

You may also find Foam mattress that has both Foam and Latex. This type offers enhanced levels of comfort because the combination of the two materials makes the mattress soft and with excellent support. Therefore, it moulds and supports your body when you sleep.

When you sleep on the mattress, you comfortably sink in but while giving you the best support for your spine and back. When you get back, the mattress naturally springs back to its position.

Innerspring mattress

Today, more manufacturers are using spring when making their mattresses. Therefore, you will find variations ranging from the traditional models that have steel coils to the modern types that have a special layer of cushioning and pillow top layer. There are also mattresses that have a gel infusion for high levels of comfort.

The hybrid innerspring mattresses have one layer of foam and it offers room for you to shift positions whenever you want to and with a lot of ease. You can also settle for a hybrid innerspring mattress that doesn’t have any foam layer depending on your personal needs.

Adjustable Air

The adjustable air mattress bed is also an incredible model that is specially designed to offer high levels of comfort and luxury. It is firm and it comes with additional foam layers on top. It uses an electric pump so that you can inflate to achieve the desired density or firmness level that you want.

Buying Tips

With an idea of the types of mattresses available in the market, it pays to understand how to buy the best. Generally, this will depend on your personal needs and the level of comfort you wish to get when you sleep. However, there are factors you cannot choose to ignore in your buying process including


Test the comfort level of the mattress starting from the type of material used, the foam layers it has and how you feel when you sleep on the mattress.

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Return policies

Check on the return policies of your mattress. Ensure the mattress has a reasonable comfort guarantee of 120 days so that you can always get the mattress back if it doesn’t deliver what you expected.


Check on the quality of mattress by considering its warranty. Often, a high-quality mattress has a long warranty of up to 25 years. This means it offers the desired comfort for a long haul without defects such as broken coil wires and sagging sides. Therefore, try to explore different options in the market and purchase a mattress that will give you the best value for your money.

How to add oomph to your mattress

Once you purchase a good mattress, you also need to give it a little oomph. This will ensure that you enjoy enhanced levels of comfort for a long time. Today, you will find high-quality mattress protectors, encasements and pads in the market. These are tailor-made to help you protect your mattress.

Just like mattresses, these accessories come in a wide range of colours, styles, designs, and sizes including the queen and king size. For this reason, you can always get the best that will help you customize your mattress. They also help you to keep the mattress clean and fresh for a good night sleep or simply relaxation.

You can also purchase different toppers for your mattress. They are made of high-quality memory foam, cotton, and latex. It can be quilted down to help provide added comfort and support.


While there are many varieties of mattresses in the market, an extra effort in your search will help you buy a quality, durable and comfortable mattress bed. Get the best and you will enjoy a good night’s sleep over a long haul.