A cool memory foam mattress is the best and the most affordable alternative to ubiquitous spring beds. Comfort and technology have played an important role in increasing the popularity and enhancing the usability of the mattress. Back in 1966, Visco-elastic memory foam was developed for NASA. After being used in some medical applications, the use of memory foam in making mattresses was started in the 1990s. It was a big breakthrough in the mattress industry.

People are now aware of the distinct benefits of using a cool memory foam mattress. In fact, 20% of the mattresses sold are memory foam mattresses. Here we have 10 reasons for using these mattresses.

Relieve Pressure

The material used in these mattresses adjusts to your shape. This is the reason why this material is used in wheelchair seat cushions. A memory foam mattress adds no upward pressure on your body.

Support Spine Alignment

These mattresses are designed to support each part of your body evenly. A memory foam mattress distributes your weight across the bed. The support it provides to your lower back keeps the spine in a neutral position.

Prevent And Relieve Pain

The combination of support and pressure point relief not only prevents pain but also provides relief from current pain. It can reduce shoulder, back and hip pain.

Accommodates Different Positions

It does not matter whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, this mattress can accommodate all sleeping positions. This mattress can prevent painful pressure points in all sleeping positions.

Motion Makes No Difference

Motion is a big problem in a lot of traditional mattresses. This can disturb yours or your partner’s sleep especially if they are light sleepers or they have different schedules. A memory foam mattress can absorb motion. So, if your partner rolls over or gets out of bed, this does not disturb your sleep.

Mitigate Dust Mite

Every house has dust mites. These are difficult to avoid. The bedroom is one of the places where dust mites strive. A memory foam mattress does not offer much space to dust mites to live and thrive.


A memory foam mattress is the best for you if you are suffering from allergies as it repels dust mites.

Best For Adjustable Beds

This mattress is the most compatible mattress with adjustable beds due to the nature of memory foam.

Easy Care and Maintenance

This mattress demands fairly low maintenance. Occasional vacuuming is enough.


There is no match for its durability and lifespan. You can use your cool memory foam mattress for around seven years.