Termite Control

Termites can have an extremely negative impact on the structure and integrity of homes, and result in irreparable damages. In case you doubt that you have termites or discover termites, it is essential to get immediately in touch with a Professional pest control service provider. A professional agency can evaluate the situation and suggest as well as administer proper termite treatment. Know about some of the standard termite control methods. It is better not to use the chemical insecticides but to rely upon the herbal cleaners that disinfect your home or office on side, and do not give out any chemical fume. Hence your health remains good if you use them.

Wood Treatment

Various kinds of wood treatments are used by pest control professionals for eliminating any termite colonies existing already. These can help prevent pests from spouting up in future. The common wood treatments include.

  • Borate treated wood
  • Injected sprays and foams
  • Surface sprays
  • There are special sprays for Teak and other types of hardwood
  • Wooden furniture should be maintained and cleaned regularly to get rid of termites

Borate wood treatments are used by termite control professionals for preventing infestations by termites. These can remove any termites already existing in homes. Wood treatments also include foams and wood injections after the construction of a home.

Bait System: 

For destroying termite colonies, Bait termite treatment systems can be a great way. Bait stations are installed by a termite control professional around the home perimeter. Such kind of a termite infestation technique can eliminate termites effectively. They are especially effective if you want to trap rats, mice or small insects. The positioning of the bait inside the living premises needs to be done accordingly.


Just like small vampires, Termites try to avoid the sunlight actively. These can be destroyed upon exposure to direct sunlight. In case you find a nest of termites close to your house, you may get it bust open for exposing pests to sunlight. You may keep furniture, logs, or some other infested objects for some time in your yard, so that these get direct sunlight. It can help destroy termites and prevent these from spreading into the home. This is a safe and natural way of termite control.

In case you find termites there in your home already, you cannot cut the wall out exactly and bring it into the yard as well. However, you may buy or rent UV lamps which are as effectual as sunlight and can shine lamps directly towards the area of infestation.

Releasing Nematodes

Nematodes are a great way for termite control, and these parasitic worms like to feed on termites. These can be released into a colony, to make termites get chewed up by worms. Typically, you can get nematodes at chemical supply stores or local pet stores – which sell various Termite solutions. Nematodes are sold by lots of online stores, and you can get one at the best price by shopping around.

Termite problems can be tackled with the help of nematodes, without introducing some other pest to your house. No other safety problem can occur. Such kinds of chemicals, which help treat termites, can be toxic for pets and families.

Soil Treatment

Subterranean termites survive inside the soil. For achieving a treatment barrier you can hire professionals to use termite treatments on the adjoining soil. A trench is first dug around the foundation. A termiticide is used to treat the soil, and there is refilling of the trench. Such kind of treatment aids in preventing termite infestations in future. It can destroy any termites in the home, and this is important as these can go back to the soil for nesting. These can be great for the purpose of termite control.