When it comes to choosing a sofa, one of the first questions that comes to mind is always, “do we go for leather or fabric?”Here we debunk the most common myths about leather furniture.

“Leather sofas are far too hot in the summer and too cold in winter!”

FALSE | Leather is a breathable cover that adapts to its environment with ease, it’s not the same as how leather reacts to being overheated in a sports car all day, which is perhaps where this common misconception comes from.

Maintaining the temperature of your leather sofa all comes down to the room it’s in. As long as you keep your living room cool, your sofa will stay cool and vice versa.

You don’t want the material to overheat and cause damage, so keep it at a distance of around 40cm minimum away from a heat source.

“Leather sofas are not a good choice if you have messy children or pets.”

FALSE | If you have a hectic household with sticky fingers and malting pets, you should absolutely invest in a leather sofa! This durable material is easy to clean and doesn’t allow pet dander or hair to cling to its surface, making it a great hypoallergenic option for the whole family.

They’re ideal for accidental spills and they don’t absorb smells like a fabric sofa does. You can easily keep your new leather sofa looking just as it did the day you got it with regular TLC.

If a spillage happens, take care of it as quick as you can using a dry cloth or paper towel, but remember to dab, don’t rub!

 “Leather sofas gather dust.”

TRUE-ISH |But not as often as you’d think. All it takes is a dusting every few months and your sofa will look as good as new!

Simply use a clean cloth to wipe away dust and grease regularly. It’s also good to vacuum your leather sofa quarterly, using a small nozzle on a low setting to get in-between the cushions and pick up those tougher dust particles.

“Leather sofas are expensive, you have to pay more for it to last longer.”

FALSE | While you can get all types of leather at different grades, this doesn’t necessarily affect its longevity of it.

In fact, they last a lot longer than a fabric sofa and more often than not are passed down from generation to generation.

“Leather sofas fade over time.”

TRUE | All furniture fades when exposed to sunlight on a daily basis, which is why it’s best to always try and keep any sofa you have out of immediate sunlight.

Leather fades a lot slower than fabric material, but another benefit is that leather ages incredibly beautifully as the natural marks and individual characteristics are enhanced as the years go by.

“Leather sofas just aren’t comfortable.”

FALSE | A part of this is purely down to self-preference but be sure to choose a quality leather and it will feel buttery to the touch, only becoming softer with age.

By ‘quality leather’, we mean genuine, full grain leather and not faux-leather or alternatives. Quite often these materials look smooth and sleek, but lack the warmth or durability of a full natural hide and instead have a plasticky feel to them.

The outside is important, but it’s the inside that counts. Check the specifications of the sofa you’re interested in buying, whether it’s leather or fabric, look out for fillings of foam and fibre for maximum comfort.

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