Remodelling and decorating the bathroom can often result in quite a pricey task, but with the correct planning and budgeting you can transform your bathroom without breaking the bank. Having a clear budget to work with is extremely useful, especially when it comes to deciding what features and changes you want to add and make to the space. From adding a new splash of colour, to introducing new pieces of furniture or decorative items, there are lots of different things you can add that don’t have to cost and arm and a leg.

Tile Considerations

One of the most expensive items within the bathroom is often the tiles, as even though they may start of well-priced, when covering a whole room in them the costs can start to build up. A great way to incorporate bathroom tiles to your décor, without breaking budget is to consider where exactly you want them to go. For example, if you limit your tiling to a small area around the bath or shower, you’re still going to have the desired effect that a tile has on the overall décor, without having to spend too much on a whole room worth of material. You can then look to add fresh paint to other areas of the bathroom to help bring the space to life and have your interiors pop with character.

Shop Sales

Many people forget that there are lots of places within the industry where you can shop discounted or sale items. It’s often really easy to get drawn in to the expensive, brand new products however if you’re working on a budget you can often find some amazing savings from big brands on the same websites. Take a good look around the sites you like and keep a close eye peeled for the sale or promotions tabs, as they’re often featured in drop down menu bars or have a whole page dedicated to special offers and sales like this. It’s amazing how much more you can do with the savings you make from larger bathroom items, like your shower or bath, as freeing up more budget can go a long way.

Do It Yourself

By taking on the tasks yourself and owning certain projects such as painting the walls, you can save yourself a substantial amount of money. Getting someone in to do certain bits of work, which you can actually do yourself, can cost a lot of money after a while so it’s always beneficial to put some trust in yourself and crack on with some DIY. With so many YouTube tutorials and blog posts to help give you advice, you can do all the research beforehand to give yourself a little more confidence. Plus, you’ll be extremely proud of the finished result once you’ve achieved it yourself.

Introduce Mirrors

Having mirrors in the bathroom is a great way of enhancing the space. Not only do mirrors make it much easier to use the bathroom efficiently, but they’re also ideal for reflecting light around the room and helping make a space feel fresh and bright. You can find some gorgeous mirrors online from shops like Home Sense and Wayfair, that range from very affordable prices, which is a great way of sticking to your budget whilst bringing something new to the space.