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The plumbing in our homes can bring a world of issues to us especially if it’s been left for years without attention. From leaking taps, broken taps, clogged toilets and faulty boilers, there can be a range of issues that can bother and disrupt our daily lives. There are however things you can look out for and spot to see whether or not you can diagnose the issues you’re having. They may be simple fixes, or they might need the attention of a plumber. The point still stands that it’s better to know what the issue is rather than not! Understanding the issue at hand means that you’ll be able to solve it, whether or not you need the help of a plumber.

In this post, we’ll go through some things you can pay attention too and see if you can spot any issues with your home’s plumbing. There may be some quick fixes for you so you don’t have to call out a plumber. There will also be some larger issues that will require a professional, however knowing the issue is better than not.

Leaking Taps/Showerheads:

Dripping taps and/or showerheads can end up wasting a lot of water over time! If your tap is leaking at a rate of 10 drips a minute, you could be wasting up to 3 litres a day! That’s 90 litres in an average month and 347 gallons of water a year. This is a huge waste of water as well as money as it will all add to your water bill. Check the handles of your taps as the leak could be coming from a loose fitting. There may also be some slack in your tap which can mean it doesn’t turn off fully. You may have to tighten up your faucet or ask for the help of a professional plumber to stop your leaky tap.

Slow/Blocked Drains:

Slow drains aren’t hugely detrimental to your daily lives, however they can be a sign of problems to come. Slow drains usually mean that there is a blockage somewhere along the line. This can happen in any sink, shower or bath where there is a drain. The first thing you should check for is obvious blockages on top of the drain. Drain covers can help with catching food/hair and other things that can cause blockages. If this is all clear, then the problem may lie in the pipes themselves. You can use domestic cleaning products like drain unblocker which may help to clear any blockages. Caustic Soda can also help if you’re looking for a DIY fix for your slow drain. These preventative measures can help to stop any issues that might develop. If this doesn’t work, you may have to work with a plumber to clear your drains.

Leaking Pipes:

Leaking pipes can be a worry especially when it can damage the masonry/brickwork in your home. Water will also ruin wallpaper, painted walls as well as introduce damp into your home if left unfixed. If you suspect a leaking pipe in your home, you can check for obvious leaks as water will collect in places it shouldn’t. Keep an eye out for the cupboard under the sink,beneath your bathtub as well as around your fridge as water can collect in these areas. The visible signs of a leak are fairly easy to spot as they are usually large enough to notice. Leaks usually aren’t something you can fix yourself, but you can turn off the water mains if you have found a substantial leak to avoid any further damage caused by water. Some leaks may also start from the boiler as sediment can build up over time. If you see water leaking from your boiler, you’ll have to ask for the help of a professional as boilers aren’t something your average homeowner can fix. Find your local boiler repair service in Bromley and tell them about your issue, and they should be able to fix it.

These are all basic things you can look out for your plumbing. These are usually the main issues that most people have with the plumbing in their home. If you’re worried or unsure about tackling the issues yourself, then we would always suggest that you ask for the help of a professional plumber! They are trained to handle these types of problems and will have it fixed in no time.