When it comes to protecting yourself from the sun and getting a comfortable sunshade, retractable awning is an amazing way to make the outdoor spaces of your home livable and enjoyable for everyone, all the time. Rising energy costs and poor access to air conditioning are no bar for a retractable awning as they can be installed and provide adequate comfort however the weather may be.

A retractable awning can be installed in patios, shops, tents, or as canopies, solar shade screenings, or even shade sails. Apart from protecting you from the shade of the sun, they have various other benefits as well. They are not as costly as installing an air conditioning solution, and you can easily save on money by installing a retractable awning instead of increasing your household electricity bills. They extend your living space by extending sitting space outdoors as well as providing good relaxing space for shelter. After fitting them in, they are easy to operate, and can easily be unrolled and used. In many cases, the motor to roll and unroll them can be controlled with mobile devices such as remote control and smartphones with the click of a button.

Lastly, they protect you from the rain and shelter and from those occasional drizzles. Note that it is important to retract them when not in use, for example during heavy rains, high winds or storms, so that they last long and do not get unexpectedly get damaged. Some models have automatic features to sense the sunlight and weather, for example, awnings with solar shades, which can retract automatically.

Seeing the plethora of advantages of having a retractable awning, what are the things to be kept in mind when installing them?

Different Aspects of Retractable Awning:

Here are a few things to consider so that you can make the best out of what you install in your home, patio, or shop:

  • Material: Outdoor fabric is translucent, and allows some acceptable amounts of sunlight in, while blocking harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The ultraviolet ray protection allows you to be in the shade for extended hours without any risk. Outdoor fabric also comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. It allows for maximum extent of customization.
  • These days, the use of cotton canvas fabric has been replaced by acrylic materials and polyester, which are more weather and water resistant, some even water-proof. Solar shades, which use a mesh fabric to allow some sunlight and block the rest automatically, are a recent trend. They block heat as well.
  • Angle: Often overlooked, the angle determines how much the size of the drop should be, depending upon the angle of the sun on the retractable awning. Places facing east or west might need a higher size of the drop.
  • Side Panels: While the drop does matter, protection can also be available through awnings with sides. They provide additional coverage from the sun irrespective of the direction of the sun, and of course add to the overall aesthetic design of the structure.
  • Size: Depending on how you wish to use the space, a large size may be preferred for more seating area while a smaller size might look beautiful for decorative purposes, with beautiful patterns, and colors.
  • Style: The style of the retractable awning should ideally compliment the look of the building. Styles like open or closed sides, a pop-up canopy, awnings with guide railings, and semi-horizontal shading are common.
  • Color: Lastly, the color should fit the overall theme of the building location. Lighter colors naturally block sunlight and heat.

After taking care of the above, you can have the perfect retractable awning for your location!