Do you want to add more elegance to your beautiful windows? Do you want a blind that will also beautify your home? Roman blinds are the answer. Blinds and curtain have always assisted in partitioning as well as closing up an open window or door while leaving enough space for ventilation. If you are considering putting up roman blinds in your house then here, is tab bit information about how to put your roman blinds for the correct usage. Let’s have a look at what roman blinds come first.

What are Roman Blinds?

  • Roman blinds are coverings for windows in simple language. The blinds are usually flat fabrics.
  • Pieces of stylishly crafted fabric are left half hanging upon the windows and are operated with the help of wires, ropes and a pulley system leverage.
  • The cords of the blinds are usually operated in a vertical position. Having a roman blind as a covering for your window not only adds a stylish appeal to the window but also beautifies your home.
  • It gives off a century old traditional and royal vibe which further adds to glam up the interior elegance of your house. The blinds are usually lowered and then lifted up again as and when required.

Sometimes you can also add more layers to the roman blinds by creating folds. This gives off a special look and also makes the blinds different from conventional roman blinds.

Where Can You Use Roman Blinds?

If you are planning to use roman blinds in your house then you can put up the blinds in various places.

  • You can hand the blinds on the windows of your living and dining room. if you have a reception area or a lounge in your home then you can also use the blinds over there.
  • If your rooms face too much heat and sun rays then you can choose to hand a black insulating roman blind to protect the blind from getting damaged and to make the colour fast.
  • For bedrooms, you can choose a blind in either soft pastel colours or add some brightness with vibrant colours. For the fabric, you can choose satin or a lighter fabric depending upon your budget.
  • For your kitchen and washroom if you want to hand a roman blind then select carefully. Ensure that the fabric is resistant to moisture. Cotton or Polyester is the best choice of fabric if you intend to hang a roman blind in your kitchen and bathroom.

Using Roman Blinds

There are various fabrics that you can choose to hang as a roman blind in your home but it is best if you avoid pure silk or upholstery fabrics. These fabrics are not durable and need a lot of maintenance. While using roman blinds ensure to follow the following steps.

  • Make sure that the fabric and the colour of the blind you ordered matches the ones that are delivered.
  • Take a note of the window or the place where you want to hang the blind. Order according to the architecture of the window shape.
  • Safety is first always. So, ensure that the pulleys and the leverage system is put in correctly and the roman blinds are put up securely. It can be damaging and injurious if the blind is not put up properly as it might fall.
  • You can get a roman blind with or without the lining depending upon the fabric. Play with patterns and colours to get the best look for your room.

Being it a classic or European design, roman blinds can do wonders to the interior beauty of your house.