Bring in elegance and grace to your garden with alluring landscaping ideas with stones. Stones are cold and blunt objects in general. But these stones can beautify your garden in the most unique way possible if chosen well and most importantly placed strategically. Stones for landscaping come in a wide range of color, shape, size, pattern and texture. A magnificent look can be obtained for the dull pathways with the use of the perfect stones for landscaping. The prime idea of the stones for landscaping is to fetch a vibrant artistic touch to an otherwise monotonous garden or any driveways or walkways.

Garden Design

Garden Design

Here, certain creative ways in which you can design your landscape using the right stones for landscaping.

 #1. Select the Appropriate Rocks for Your Landscapes

 Selecting the right kinds of stones and rocks for landscaping is very crucial as they will set the tone for your entire garden area or the walkway. The beach pebbles or river rocks are quite popular landscaping accessories. White marble chips are commonly used as they look very bright and also highlight the areas where there is no proper sunlight. Flat terracotta stones for landscaping tropical areas are also quite popular but they do not look good informal areas. A particular type of stones which is widely used nowadays is the black lava rock. They look quite unique when placed in the garden and give a classy look altogether.

#2. Stones are More Advantageous Than Mulch

Black Mulch

Black Mulch

In many garden areas or open spaces, mulch is a common sight. Although stones will be more expensive, they are a one-time investment as they stay for a lifetime, unlike mulch that needs to be replaced every year. Stones also provides a great contrast against the greenery of the garden which makes it a delightful sight.

#3.  Transform the Stones to A Rock Garden 

If you want to give a different look to your garden, just laying stones will not do. You can try out different things like choosing a sunny area in the garden, fix few big stones on the ground and border them with some flowering plants and shrubs. They will look like a mini rock garden. You can also decorate the remaining area with cactus, money plants, different varieties of orchids and smaller stones to give a fuller look.  

#4. Border Your Water-Body 

If you have a pond or a small water-body in your garden you can border it with stones of different sizes, shapes and colors. Bordering the water-body with stones will help you to conceal the uneven lining of the pond and give it a unique appearance to your garden.

#5. Go for A Stepping Stone Pathway

Garden Pabbles

Garden Pabbles

There are certain areas in every garden where sunlight does not reach so plants cannot survive there. Stepping stones are the best options to decorate such areas. They will not only make the area look full but will also keep the shoes clean while entering or leaving the house. In order to make the area look neater, you can use a combined effect of large and small rocks and pebbles of different sizes.

#6. Make A Fountain Surrounded by Rocks 

Instead of making a container garden where the potted plants need regular watering, you can make a small rock space with selected rocks and stones. It is important to keep these pots within the reach of the fountain so that they get the watered. The potted plants should have enough holes for draining out the excess water. The potted plants can be bordered with different colored stones of different sizes.

Placement of stones for landscaping plays a vital role in crafting a design that is eye-appealing. Different variety of stones positioned at exclusive angles can transform ones’ garden into a chic masterpiece.